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Lance Mannion

Seems more like they've sold their own souls.

Jaquander at Byzantium's Shores wondered why Michael Schaivo was in such a rush to have his wife's body cremated and the ashes buried in Pennsylvania.

I think the answer is that he saw what his in laws were up to and he didn't want them using either her body or her grave to form a cult.

I don't know if the Schindlers were warped before all this, but they are warped now. This isn't about their daughter. It's about them. Their vanity is incredible, all the more so because so many people mistake it for love for their daughter.

blue girl

Lance, you do have a great point there. The people they have partnered up with are really something. Don't the Schindler's know that this group would turn on them in a minute? I remember the day before Terri died, her brother was being interviewed and he said, "We've done all that we can do." -- And one of those protesters started screaming at him: "You've done nothing! If you quit, you are responsible for killing her, too!"

It was completely out of control. They are scary people.

One thing that always bothered me. You can see that maybe the mom and dad went over the deepend. Just could not accept the fact that their daughter was "gone."

So, how come her brother and sister were also so insistent? You would have thought that if it was completely irrational, one of them would show doubt.

I could not believe that commercial though. And I can't believe it ran of Fox News. I wish I would've realized what it was faster, so that I couldn've written the phone number down.

It was low rent.

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