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Yeah, Shaw was married, but it seems to have been unconsummated. The epistolary romance with Mrs. Pat is one of the great ones, however; you could get away with a lot if it was merely on paper. I wonder if the "Stella" business refers at all to Hoffman's last love in the Offenbach "Tales of Hoffmann"? Shaw was a wonderful music critic, and loved opera especially.
It's funny you should post about him right now. He used to be a rock for rep companies, but is that the case any more? A lot of actresses have told me that they don't like playing his women - there's something askew - emotionally, psychologically - that makes them a pain to get a grip on. You know, until GBS re-wrote the ending to Pygmalion for Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller in the 1939 movie, Eliza ran off with that dolt Freddie. I am SO out of the loop, but I'd sure like to see what's lately there from a feminist/gender studies perspective on the Shaw/Ibsen-Strindberg tipping point.

blue girl

Hi grisha! Did Mrs. Pat like him back? But only on paper? Interesting little tid-bits you've left here in the comments. I just really liked that love letter.


Did you know that the entire play
Saint Joan by GB Shaw is available here online free

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