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Lance Mannion

bluegirl, on the whole I'm satisfied with my post, but I am kicking myself now for having exhibited both "wagon-ism" and "ad person-ism." Shame on me. But good on you for your post!


It works great (sex) in the Latino market. Ever watch South American TV? It is filled with girls in tight clothes...

blue girl

Yes Lance, you are indeed a Wagonist. But, if that's the weakest link in your character chain -- well, you're doing darn good.

Denisdekat: I know sex sells -- but, it's got to be done right. And it's like defining what's obscene -- you just know it's good when you see it, and you instantly know it's bad when you see it. And if you can do it so women AND men love it -- well, all the better.


Is Wagonist like arriviste?

And how come no one has remade Petticoat Junction?


"you just know it's good when you see it"

Depending on who sees it right ;) ?

blue girl

Denisdekat: Yes. Yes. Yes. There will always be disagreement -- I'll give ya that.

blue girl

Linkmeister: I love the theme song to Petticoat Junction! Why hasn't a rap artist incorporated that into the background of one of their songs yet?

And Denisdekat: Another question and thought for you -- simple sex, easy sex, bad sex sells to any young person with hormones raging -- that's pretty much what the music industry's all about -- but, since I'm not that acquainted with the Latino demographic -- do you think it "sells" to those in their mid-30s and older? Just wondering.

Lance Mannion

Unfortunately, blue girl, wagonism is the least of my vices.

Link, you're right. The time is ripe! Especially needed is a remaking of that opening with the water tower! As long as it isn't made by the same guys who did the Ginger vs. Mary Ann pie fight.


Yes, most Latino males define their maleness by constantly chasing and wanting women. I do not know many male Latinos (except gay ones) who are not always on the prowl...

I am a bit of an anomaly as I was brought up by a single mom (no Latino father influence), and I came to America at 10. So I am a bit more gringo in this respect...

This is only my observations, not very scientific ;)

blue girl

What am I? A gringette? A gringesse?



for girls it ends with an "a" generally ;) "ette" is for the Frogs...

blue girl

Then Gringa it is. Wouldn't want the little frogs to feel slighted in any way.


re tucker's promo

something about the angle emphasizes his womanly hips. makes me laugh.

blue girl

Hello Hello!

I know exactly what you mean. Especially the full body shot -- where he looking upward from the side. Truly bizarre that they chose to handle it that way.


I don't know who came up with the concept but I read in Media Daily News that Stun Creative out of LA did the ad.

So I'm wondering what you think of the MARC Watch, Ride, Report poster. Inhouse idea or out?

blue girl

Idyllopus: Let me read up, I'll get back to ya.
My first google search shows more graphic design than advertising -- but I've got some research to do. Want to see more.

Oh! Did Stun Creative do the Pie Fight ad? Or the Tucker Carlson promos? ....interesting.

blue girl

Idyllopus: From a design standpoint -- who knows? I didn't read who did them -- but, they could've been done in-house or out -- design is so subjective.

Whoever designed them had a very strict mind, though. Not too much creativity -- the illustrations were stiff and the type was heavy and authoritative -- and this might seem judgmental, but I always think in-house talent is less, well, talented.

Right off the bat -- my impression of the design is very, "Germany - 1938" -- I'll read up on it though.

blue girl

A-ha! Just read they were done by an ad agency in Florida -- well, you never know who calls themselves an ad agency -- they missed the mark for sure -- in my opinion.


Sorry, should have clarified that Stun Creative did the pie ad.

I had read some postulations that the MARC ad had been done as a kind of joke by an ad agency artist that slipped by. My take on it was in-house idea shipped out to an ad agency to do. The little I know of ad agencies, my opinion was you wouldn't have an art director trying to slip an intentional parody (vagely based on Social realist art) past MARC.

But that was my take as someone who has only peripheral experience, knowing photographers, graphics artists and musicians who have been involved in ad work in some way or another.

I could be wrong! As you say, who knows.

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