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res publica

He is hot. Stupid and annoying, but hot. But, you know, you could just tell him to shut up and look pretty....perfect date.

blue girl

You know from my standpoint -- he's got to *look* like this picture -- VERY shallow! But, I like the way the talks -- all nasal-ly -- and his lips move in that weird way. Oh, yes. That weird way. LOVE IT!


Here I was thinking that you were talking about Christopher Walken until I scrolled down to the pic of Owen Wilson. ;-)

I still don't see it. But then again, I'm not female. As long as you ladies are enjoyin' the show ... :-)

res publica

Umm....LOL...I'm not even gonna touch that one. Ladies.

res publica

I actually think Vince Vaughn is really hot. Like waaay hotter than Owen Wilson. Besides, could you really date someone named "Owen"?

blue girl

Scourge: Christopher Walken's really not my type in the looks department, but he definitely falls under the category of *cool.* - I would LOVE to have him over for a dinner party. Wouldn't he be cool to drink wine with and discuss things??

Res, giiirl!, Vince Vaughn reminds me of the kind of guy you steered away from in college. Too rowdy, using girls, etc. I think I saw that he's dating Jennifer Aniston now. Ummm, I think I, um, saw that in line at the grocery store on the cover of a tabloid. NOT that I watch Entertainment Tonight or whatever!

Vince Vaughn, to me, falls in the James Gandolfini catetgory, only when Gandolfini was younger -- like when he played the hit man in True Romance.

I could get used to *Owen* -- but, I wasn't talking about dating him! Simply a boy-toy -- that's all!

blue girl

Oh and "stupid & annoying" -- I saw him on Jay Leno a couple of night ago -- and he was actually smart and funny! -- Or maybe I was just overwhelmed by his cuteness! :)


Boy, was I happy to read this post! Here I thought I was the only middle-aged woman who was anxious to see this movie! Something about Owen and Vince-so funny. Even the TV promo for the movie makes me laugh. My husband thought I'd lost my mind when I told him I wanted to see the movie. Maybe we'll go together and I'll suggest he see War of the Worlds while I see this piece of fluff. I had wanted to see War of the Worlds, but Tom Cruise is really pissing me off lately!


And also...that picture you posted of Owen Wilson. It reminds me so much of Robert Redford as The Sundance Kid. You have to look pretty hard to find a better look than that!!

blue girl

Elsie! Ha! Yes, this movie definitely has a draw to it. I guess it's the "cute guys acting stupid" factor....and I agree with you on the promos for it -- their both so funny even for that one minute!

You and I will have to see it next weekend and then swap notes!

I *completely* agree about the Sundance look in that photo. Ooooh, baby!

res publica

Res, giiirl!, Vince Vaughn reminds me of the kind of guy you steered away from in college.

Hmmm, maybe that was my problem. Because he was the kind of guy I steered TOWARD in college :)


You are shameless! Just shameless. I can't believe I have you blogrolled. I ought go unroll you right this instant.

Oh, hell. I guess every girl should have their fun.

Still, shameless........

res publica

BLUE!! I got my first troll!! I'm so excited!

Kevin Wolf

Guess I'll chime in by saying that I find the two of them very funny, so even though the subject matter ain't really my thing it still looks like it could be good. Wilson's line readings in MEET THE PARENTS were the best thing in the movie, as I recall.


I too want to see this movie. But I'm probably more the target demographic of a young white guy with a dumb frat-boy sense of humor. But I also think Owen Wilson is kinda sexy. I could see how a girl could go for him. Vince Vaughn too, obviously, even though he's a bit chunky. But there's just something about Owen.

blue girl

If my little cheesecake post here is any indication at all -- this movie may be a hit!

I hate when the media does their little *box office* round up every Monday -- but, we shall see next week --

I'm guessing it's gonna be *bigger* than just a *little* movie.

We shall see.


Well, KIDS, SZ over at "Salon" loved it - and she's a bud of mine. If I could go, I would.
As for the Wilson/Vaughn comparative hotness thing, I'd probably go for Owen on account of his blondness (this has been true from 1st grade, and applied then to girls), and that remarkable nose, and because he's quite sharp under that stoner exterior. Vince I like, too, but I can't be more specific because I've been housebound for 3 years and accessing DVDs for only about 1, and I'm too tired to watch the ones I do take out.
Whiney, I know - it's been 7 days since I've groped/been groped by anyone, and I'm into Town in 7 hours, just not for long enough. Grrrrr!!!

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