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Blue Girl, you are more than welcome to that photo! I think it should be spread all over the place just to remind every one just how important women's rights in Iraq used to be. Leave it to the Bush Administration to have a chance to prove people wrong and then blow it.

Kevin Wolf

BG, you're right not to cut them any slack. They are incompetent, foolish and motivated solely by greed, power, etc, for themselves (i.e. wealthy white men). Anything and anybody else is of no value to them except where politically expedient.

Go ahead and think the worst of them. After all, they've been proving the worst of themselves for five years now.

cali dem

Feels good as an American to spread patriarchal theocracy, doesn't it? Thousands of lives...billions of dollars...countless lies....

Bush = Worst President Ever

Neil Shakespeare

I'm going with my male intuition and coming to the same conclusion.


Intuition of any variety shouldn't be necessary at this point. They have already provided ample evidence of unrepentant avarice, and undisguised willingness to rape, pillage, and plunder all of the world's villages and hamlets.

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