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Thank you!

They wanted you out there because he would be in his armored bubble. And of course, if you had a sign that was even slightly critical, the brownshirts would have taken you away. he's in that bubble for a reason.


Can you truly not think of a reason -- besides vanity -- why a man who has screwed the country as the Chimperor has is afraid of windows with clear line of sight to a Presidential motorcade?

With a shoot-first-never-mind-who-it-is misAdministration, it probably is NOT a good idea to look out a window with such a view, for more practical reasons than mere ugliness of said view.

Yeah, it really has become that bad in this country, with more to come by all indications.

Kevin Wolf

BG, we are SO on the same page here. The reports are available out there re Bush's protective bubble, the lack of contact with all but handpicked, non-critcal people, etc, etc.

In fact, I just saw an item in the newspaper (yesterday, I think?) re a mother who lost a son in Iraq and is now at Bush's ranch in Crawford demanding to see him. About 50 protesters are with her. Now, get this: After saying she'd gone to Dubya's ranch, the article later revealed she was actually being kept 5 MILES AWAY from his ranch.

That said it all in a nutshell, for me.

Viscount LaCarte

I don't want to be a "blogwhore," (learned that term over at "Shakespeare's Sister's" place!) but the Visountess' latest entry is a good compliment to your most excellent post. Makes a different point but adds up to a conclusion that we are all coming around to: Our democracy is being transformed into a "demockracy" where votes and truth are irrelvant.

The Viscountess’s post can be found here:

Lance Mannion

President Kennedy died because he refused to let the Secret Service do this kind of thing for him. I think he'd have rather died than done it.

In the summer of 2000, when Hillary was running for the Senate, Bill and Hill came to Syracuse and *they walked through the State Fair!* They stopped and had salt water taffy and Bill had an Italian sausage sub. He shook about a million hands.

Reagan did not act this way *after* he was shot.

Worst. President. Ever.

Littlest man to ever hold the office.

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