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you're 17 in 17,000,000 in my book

actually, i think this is my first visit.


Is that really your rank, or is that a joke? How do you even find that out?

Technorati is total liars anyway. I don't think they even count most typepad blogs.

Anyway, my favorite blogs, which includes yours, break just about all of those rules. Even the fact checking one. Fact-checking is for tightwads.

Seriously, f concise posts.

Those linked posts were great too. Especially la blue girl one.

blue girl

Jedmunds -- no that's not my rank. I wasn't listed in Time magazine -- God! the MSM totally ignores me!! Damn them!

Thanks for the compliments --

Oh! That link kept crashing my computer yesterday -- my compter -- is OLD! I'm going to try againg today. You and Pinko Punko are obsessed with AD! I must get in on it...

mdhatter! Thanks for dropping by -- stop back often! Long, rambling posts and bad grammar and spelling are my specialty!

The Viscount LaCarte

We have carved out our own piece of the web. I think because it is hyperspace, we start to think of it as somehow *different* than reality but at the end of the day it is just another aspect of reality.

Think of the telephone. Some of us have actually formed realtionships with people we've never met over the phone. I know I have. And before that, pen-pals. The 'net is just a very convenient way of communicating and connecting with people regardless of geographic location. Some bloggers are famous, most are like us.

I get together to play music with friends periodically. Sometimes we will play a small party, 20-30 people. We don't consider a "rank", you know? We don't compare ourselves to say, Paul McCartney (and EVERYONE else) and say, oh, we'll we're ranked at 16,897,988. Sure, we think it would be nice to be famous, but it isn't our expectation.

Kevin Wolf

Although I do believe there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything, I also think having blog "experts" give "tips" is sorta stoopid.

Oops, broke a rule!


You came a little late to the bloggin frenzy so it may take a while to get your blog more known...

Your writing is high quality, and your focus is great. Not to worry you will get big eventually if you keep up the great writting ;)

Don't listen to people tellign you what to do with your blog as it already works (so don't listen to me too!)

blue girl

Thanks you guys. I'm actually leaving this comment from an off-site meeting -- I feel so high tech!

I don't really care about rank -- ok, I kind of do -- but it's not the be all end all -- you know?

Agi T. Prop

The problem with Technorati is that it is solely link driven and not based on traffic. Just because someone has a blog linked, doesn't mean it's good. The conservative blogosphere merely links each other’s posts back and forth without writing any substance. Thus, their ranks on Technorati and the TTLB Ecosystem are much higher than Left Blogistan.

Welcome to the Unholy Alliance by the way. I see The Heretik has added you to our rag tag group.


Fact check? Fact check?! Don't they know that bloggers aren't supposed to fact check? That's what separates bloggers from the MSM!!

cali dem

Ranking is link driven? I'm screwed.Oh well...

How do we know these tips weren't written as a trick? Some top dog in blogdom that feels threatened by the upstarts.

Um, anything about paranoia in thoses tips? I just skimmed.

cali dem

BG, thanks for the link. ~ cali

(We posted the same photo today, too.)

blue girl

I know Cali! I thought it was funny when I saw you posted that photo -- that I had used you and that photo for Rule #3.

You know -- I think the advice from "the pros" -- whoever they are! was sound - really -- except for #3.

Lots of people start blogs to write -- so letting links and photos speak for themselves -- unless you are a certain kind of blogger -- that's not advice to the broad base of bloggers if you ask me.


I read those rules when I got the print issue. I concluded that what I've been doing for nearly three years is good enough for me, so ta hell with 'em.


Apparently I can't count, which must be one of the unwritten rules. Nearly four years.

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