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Pinko Punko


Celeb Dr. Cam. at 3bulls at gmail please.

THINK THINK THINK of the details.

Kevin Wolf

BG: I think it's basically a really weak video. The issue may not even be is it pro- or anti-Bush? It may be, did they even have any idea what they were trying to say?

I'd guess mainly from the Barabra Bush audio snippet used at the end that it's meant as a swipe at Bush. But it's not terribly interesting or original.

The Green Knight

How's it been co-opted by the pro-war people? I hadn't heard about that.

The Viscount LaCarte

That was the first time I've heard the song and I thought it was an apt choice for the footage.

I think telling the story of Katrina straight would have to reflect negatively on the government by definition. The Barbara Bush quote is as unambiguous as it gets. I mean, there is no spin, no context other than regardless of who's to blame (local, state and federal) the Bush Family has always been out-of-touch with the real America.

blue girl

Green: The article in the NYTs is really, really lame. (Many mistakes throughout that I've noticed.) -- When reading further and paying attention the the point she made about this song also being co-opted by the pro-war crowd, this is the quote and it's weak and it's more about the original video for the song as the song itself:

"The song's original music video, made by Samuel Bayer (who also filmed the video of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', is full of pathos and sap. It shows a young couple in love, then quarreling and finally separated by war. As the young man fights in Iraq thinking about sunnier days, the young woman sits home waiting and fretting."

"Although the band intended the music video as an antiwar protest, Kelefa Sanneh, a pop music critic for the NYTs, pointed out that it also 'works pretty well as a support-our-troops statement.' One blogger recently posted the Green Day video with the tag 'Great Recruitment Video.' Maybe he was being facetious, maybe not."

So is it actually being co-opted by the pro-war crowd? I'd have to read more.

Kevin, I agree that it's weak -- it could have been a lot stronger -- again -- it didn't have to be "in your face" with all of Bush's failings -- but there were many subtle things that were said and done that would have made it stronger. I do appreciate though her efforts to do something with her creative energy. I know there was a lot rising in me at that time and I simply chose to put music on and play it full blast -- she got it out which I commend.

Al, I thought the Bush quotes she chose were "strong" -- showing strength -- while she chose to end it with his mother -- saying what she art (in my opinion) -- this doesn't hold up in the long run -- it's fresh now -- we know and remember cuz it's so fresh what was said -- but if you just dropped in from the planet Neptune and saw it, you would think the President responded and cared and you wouldn't have any idea who that was at the end...

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