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Kevin Wolf

That draft law is absolutely demented.

I've never been to Indiana because, for one reason or another, it keeps slipping downward on my list of places to visit.

Viscount LaCarte

*Cheeze Doodles*
there is a lot of speciousness going on out there!

What do they think women USED to do? Serve milk and cookies to Wally and The Beaver? The majority of the women on the planet have been working their asses off since the beginning of time. They had no rights, no birth control. Many women died in childbirth. If they lived with an abusive man (to her and her kids) she had no options. She was owned. When people try to tell the real story in history books about this sort of thing, they are called "social engineers" etc., but it is the truth.

Why are they sooo interested in what other people are doing?

Indeed, there is not a thing wrong with a woman who *wants* to stay home with the kids, clean house, and cook for her husband. Some women want to do that, but can't. With the price of gas, cars, heating the home, food, clothes, medical care etc., who the hell can really afford the luxury of that?

But suppose she *could* afford that? Who's business is it if that isn't what she chooses?

My friend's wife was able to get a really good job, so they decided it would be him who stayed home with the kids and did the whole domestic engineering gig. He still had to get a part-time job to help make ends meet. It works for them, and it isn't anyone else's business.

My wife has an excellent career and we are very happy in our marriage. Her career makes her a *better* mother, not a bad one! We would both be miserable if she had to stay home.

The point of the feminist movement has always been about women having equal rights and the ability to make their own choices regarding their own destinies.

Conservatives don't know shit from shinola, and their trying to force us to shine our shoes with their polish!

blue girl

I've always felt that way -- you want to work? Have at it! You want to have five kids, stay home and home school them? Yippe-yi-yo to you for that!

Not that I understand that 2nd decision, but it ain't got nothin' to do with me.

A couple of years ago -- I had some of the women in this neighborhood over to my house one day for a Christmas cookie exchange!!! (Now that's really funny if you knew me, and especially my expert baking skills!)

Anyway -- the girl across the street -- 3 kids -- makes this statement -- (God only knows how it got brought up -- I probably made some blasphemous comment --)

She told me: "Every house needs a king. There needs to be order."

I'm sure I smiled and nodded politely...probably too shocked to utter a sound.

But then I thought -- well good for chicky-babe -- I hope that's workin' out well for ya.

We moved from a suburb that was VERY liberal, where all the women were lawyers and professors, etc. -- to a more conservative suburb -- and I'm pretty much one of the only women who works. Believe me, I know I get the "looks" and probably a lot of talk behind my back.

And really -- I couldn't care less.

(I could write so much about this...)

res publica

What I think that law is really about is making sure Teh Gayz don't go a-makin' babies with turkey basters and shit.

cali dem

The proposed Indiana law has been repealed by its author after the huge negative reaction to it. I'll try to find the news item.

BG - You are a much better/nicer person than I. Your nickname for Coulter makes this point. You refer to her as 'Miss Goldylocks.' My name for her is Evil Hag of Doom. Most of the time I do everything I can to avoid aknowledging the EHD's existence. Survival mechanism I guess.

cali dem

Bill dropped to limit gay child-bearing (Chicago Sun Times - AP)

blue girl

Cali -- RE: Miss Goldylocks reference -- have you ever been to her website? She's got that sexy photo with her hair hanging in her face? And the way she always drapes her hair over the one side of her shoulder? Anyway -- your nickname for her is SO MUCH BETTER.

Mind was just a reference to her hair as I was writing quickly last night!~ Too tired to be witty!

She is indeed -- the EVIL HAG OF DOOM!!!!!!

Poor Res. He was right....about that bill.

The Viscount LaCarte

The Viscountess calls her "The Demon's Spawn." And seriously, we once got into a debate about what word in the English language was deemed the most profane? She claimed it was "C*&t" and I tried to dispute it. She then asked me to come up with a name that "another guy could call you" that would be worse?

I declared her the winner.

The only time I've ever heard her use that word (not counting quotes, discussions like the one above etc.) was in the same sentence as Ann Coulter.

res publica

All women think that "c*&t" is the most profane word in the English language. Seriously. They SUPERHATE that word. And it is pretty foul, although....why? What is it about that word that makes it different from any other genital-centric explitive? Something about it just sounds really horrible, I think.

teh l4m3

RE: Coulter, I don't think she so much drinking something (but yeah, there's that) as snorting several somethings.


As someone who's seen from life experience just how women's options can be limited by society, the very concept of this legislation being seriously considered in the year 2005 makes me so truly angry beyond words that I can say I have no desire whatsoever to ever step foot inside America.

Women can create life, and should be venerated and adored for that fact. Put up on a pedestal and showered with rose petals and exotic scents as a matter of course for being the real strength within a family.

I've yet to see any evidence that supports the myth of male superiority. Women will self-sacrifice for the ones they love without thought, yet frequently men resent being put behind their children. I've seen it again and again.

Paid less for doing equal work. Going without so the father can have his 'toys'. Always taking the smallest meal so the man makes sure he gets the biggest piece.

How truly digusting men can be. If sexuality really was a choice, I'd be on the het team in a flash.

Worshipped every day I tell you!

How can they really want women to stay in the home where they've changed society such that a family can only get by with two incomes?


"Republican lawmakers are drafting new legislation ..."

Go for it guys - it'll be fun to watch Indiana turn blue.

Kevin Wolf

The C-word is offensive because it reduces absolutely everything about a woman, good or bad, to her sex. To be referred to in these terms is demeaning to anybody.

Still, Ann Coulter may be the one woman who deserves it. She starts in and the word just "suggests" itself.


--All women think that "c*&t" is the most profane word in the English language. Seriously. They SUPERHATE that word. And it is pretty foul, although....why? --

There are very, VERY large segments of British working-class proletarians who use this word as casually as we use "dick" on this side of the Atlantic. Does that make them automatic misogynists? Think about it: "Don't be such a dick." "He dicked around with the intent of Senate Bill S.546." "Dick Cheney."

Sorry-- I have absolutely no sympathy for people who place the word "cunt" on some kind of Extra-Special Super-High Level of Woo-Scary Sacredness.

It's a word for your snatch. Get used to it.

Four letters. Deal.

The most profane word in the English language? How's torture strike you?

blue girl

Hi Mr. Ningo -- First! Thanks so much for actually typing the word here -- it'll help the guys looking for cartoon porn for sure!

I just think the word is ugly -- "dick" is not as ugly -- and can be used to make one you did above.

Give me a really funny sentence where you use the *c* word -- crack me up -- and you'll win a prize -- you of all people should be able to do it.

My husband, joking around -- has called me a dick numerous times -- and other things, too -- that make me laugh (which make me laugh?)

I can't imagine him calling me that though. I just can't "feel" a funnyness to it at all.

I was going to say "dick" has a better feel to it -- but, I knew I was really setting myself up with that one...


-- Give me a really funny sentence where you use the *c* word -- crack me up -- and you'll win a prize -- you of all people should be able to do it.--

How 'bout a whole website?

I figure it's already been typed once...

It takes a little setup: This is an extract from a larger website, TVGoHome, which is a parody of the UK equivalent of TV Guide. It's written by a UK Media Insider. In the mid-Nineties he found himself suddenly surrounded by rich-boy toffeenoses -- we'd call them Trustafarians -- with cushy and completely undeserved jobs in the then-exploding Web/TV nexus. Nathan Barley is his revenge.

Just feel the rage building.

This has now been made into a TV series in the UK. I don't think it retained the title. But it gives you a very good feel for how The Word In Question is used in the UK.

blue girl

Jeddie, pretty funny -- but also kind of reminds me of Patrick Bateman.

There's a post in this -- tomorrow if I can get my act together.

mike hardchisel

The problem is everyone has their very own definition of what feminism should be. It's like religion. Everyone tailors religion and feminism to their own liking.

A pastor asked a gentleman to visit his church on sunday. The gentleman relpied, "I don't go to church because there are too many hypocrites there". The pastor replied. "Don't worry about that, there's always room for one more".

Do you see the similarity with feminism?

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