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For sheer visual impact, the first is better. However, the second may tie in better to the text, in that it shows the red falling apart, not just the other colors -- if you're going to say one party rule is destroying us "all," then the second one visually shows that the red is being destroyed as well.

So I vote for #1 and #2.

res publica

I think ProgressiveDepot is right - the first is better in terms of sheer visual impact. However, I tend to think that there's really nothing but visual impact in visual design. So I'd have to vote for the first one, too. Hope this doesn't destroy your marriage! :)

blue girl

Want. To. Comment. But. Can't.


I'm going with #2. I hope that's the right one.

cali dem

It's too bad the images weren't presented side by side. I think the first image may seem to have more visual impact because it is our first preception of the image. I think the second image better depicts an immediacy. Won't be long until the destruction is complete. Better take action - now!

blue girl

Jedmunds -- who are you rooting for? Me or my husband? Knowing you -- I would figure my husband -- but, ya never know.....



Aww Blue Girl. Of course I'm rooting for you. By the way, you know what's coming back this Monday?

Lance Mannion

Number 2 is more dynamic. The motion of the collapse is there to see and feel.


I'm voting for #2. I think they are both great but I wonder if some red-staters would be a little too happy with the first image (with the red standing strong and "ridding" themselves of the blue and wishy-washy white). The visual should clearly demonstrate how our current one party rule destroys us ALL. Just my opinion, of course ... hope you win blue girl ... sorry if I picked wrong! :-)


I really like #2 better. It goes with the tag line, with the one-party rule destroying even the red stuff that remains.


I'd have to say #1. The idea is clear in both, but breaking up the visual structure of the flag like it is in #2 is a bit too much. #1 clearly reads as the remnants of the flag, while #2 is not as instantly recognizable. Design-wise, it should be able to work without the slogan, and I think #1 is stronger in that respect.


#2 is showing the start of the collaspe of our one party "oligarchy"...I have heard it called Demopublicans, Repubicrats... I think your picture is representative of what is happening to our government as long as it is ran by money...

Kevin Wolf

If it's not too late to chime in: #2 depicts the idea better.

Should I duck?


I'm much impressed by all yr husband's stuff. The second image strikes me as better on the counts of immediate recognition and also meaning in that the red remainder is visibly deformed by the loss of blue matter. I'm hoping this helps yr husband's cause.


#2 is better.

#1 subliminally suggests that the "red" is standing firm while the rest is a shambles.

#2 shows that the "red", too, shall fall apart if this goes on.


It occurs to me that I spoke in favor of the one that tells the story I want to see. I am not sure at all that it's the same thing as visual impact. Let's just say that #1 made me recoil before I ever saw #2. And if I had to look at one of them all day, it would not be #1 I would hang on the wall.

Sid The Fish

#2. It shows, emphatically, that removing the glue that holds us all together makes everything collapse.


#1 would generally be more recognizable to a wider range of people in less time.

#2 is a stronger image, but it requires some mental reconstruction.

Neil Shakespeare


blue girl

Thanks for commenting everyone!

I'm going to give it a little more time -- but, don't take that as a hint...

Jedmunds -- After some thought -- I guess I do know what's coming back Monday -- question is -- will I remember that Monday evening, say, around 8-ish?

Dave L.

Number two is definitely better. The message is that everyone loses with one-party rule. So it makes sense to show the red splintering as well. Good stuff.

blue girl

Hi Dave L....glad to see you in the comment section here at blue-girl- gone-mad!

Mark H



It appears that #2 is the winner. Now we want to know which one of you two is the winner.


#2 has my vote. It shows how the destruction of one party impacts destruction of the other. To me, #1 suggests the remaining party is still strong.

The Fat Lady Sings

Hi There - First time commenting. Poster #1 has much more visual impact. You go from a seemingly complete image, to it's remnants below. Moving from clean to complete disarray hits the message home with more of a punch. So much for my two cents. Good site. Lots to explore.


Agree with Chrys. In #1 it's not immediately clear what's happened -- the narrative isn't obvious. Plus, the order remaining among the red stripes belies the textual message. In #2, the crumbling of the whole edifice is immediately evident -- it's destroying us *all*.

Enjoy your prize. Both of you.


Number 1.

Just sayin'.


I agree with Cali Dem - it would have been better to see the pictures side-by-side, because once you've seen the first it's hard to judge the second. Yet, I'm still going to select #1. Since all 50 stars have fallen away, you get the idea that things have gone to hell. It leaves you will a big hole - what are we if we're not united? (remember: the flag represents the "United" States)


I like #1 better. If I were to see #2 alone, without ever having seen #1, I think it would take a few seconds for me to understand what was going on.

BOTH images are brilliant, though.

I hope you won, Blue Girl!


#2 - for all the reasons mentioned.



The Fat Lady Sings

Oh - just wanted to tell you I included your blog on my Friday Features segment. You're welcome to stop by any time. Hope you won the bet!


I like #2. I think it gets the message across more effectively.


#2 for the reasons mentioned above.

Night Bird

Blue Girl:

Upon seeing the first, I thought that it was powerful, however continuing the scroll...I say

#2 is much more powerful.


#2 because there is "motion" showing what the word "is" is. :-)
#1 makes one think it's a done deal.


Here's the difference I see between them: #1 emphasizes the emptiness of the flag after it has fallen apart. The red stripes look forlorn. The loss is symbolic and powerful.

#2 emphasizes the falling-apart process itself, rather than what's left behind. It presents a clearer visual story of what occured, but demphasizes the flag itself, since the red stripes at the top no longer resemble a flag.

I think that #1 better conveys the message of the text because it shocks the viewer. You're left to stare at those red stripes, and think about how lost the red looks without the white and blue.

Plus, to my mind, at least, #1 is a cleaner image, visually, than #2.

Sorry to spout off on this twice.


I like number one, but don't ask me why. It seems to get it's point across in a "cleaner" way, if that makes any sense. And, do we get to hear who wins? ;-)


#2 because if all the rest of us are gone these people who live with hate in their hearts will still implode, even more so with out us "moonbats" to interject some emotion and actual care.


i like number 1. i hope that's the right choice!


No. 2. It's more dynamic.

ice weasel

without question, number one. the remaining red stripes accurate illustrate the existing paradigm (even to echoing the color appropriately).

I say, numero uno.

Nice job by the way.

rocky coloradan

#1, A much stronger impact with the red standing alone.


They both have impact, but I prefer #1. The empty framework of the flag sitting there with the stars and half the stripes distintigrating into a pile beneath it is very powerful.

In #2, there's almost too much disintigration. It takes longer to recognize that the red stripes are what's left of the flag.

The more immediate flag-recognition of #1 makes it, in my opinion, a more powerful image.

Can't wait to find out the results.

John E Thelin

I can't add muc to what's already been said above, but my vote goes for #2, but only just. 1 may be the stronger image, but 2 also implies that in the divisiveness, no one remains strong - that message being more important to me than the visual impact.


I like the second, but the first seems a little more immediately recognizable.

cali dem

One Party Rule is Destroying America

I think this copy would read better with the image of the flag.


The second one matches the tagline - how can it "destroy us all" if the red is unaffected? But the first one is visually easier to interpret. I pick #1.


The second one matches the tagline - how can it "destroy us all" if the red is unaffected? But the first one is visually easier to interpret. I pick #1.


They're both good, but I'd go with number two, with a few minor changes.

First of all, I think the background is too dark. It looks almost black, for crying out loud. And red white and blue? How cliche is that! Let's try a few other color combinations, shall we? Also, the stars don't quite go. Circles maybe?

Oh, did I mention I've been a creative director for a decade or so? Hard to tell from one little comment I know, but...

blue girl

Holy Moly, ccobb -- I thought for a second there that my little blog had been infiltrated by the evildoers!!!


blue girl,

Glad you got that I was joking. Though I do like #2 best.

blue girl

ccobb: I've had so much of that kind of feedback for real this week -- that I knew you HAD to be kidding.

But, I have to admit -- at first it was a jolt!! Then I got it.

But, you've got to give me a break -- when I read your comment it was 4:15 a.m. -- we were up working on logos where the direction we received was, ahem, not real clear.

Gotham Image

That's a pretty stark statement.


A house divided cannot stand. 'nuff said.

Take #1, pull the bottom red stripe out of alignment, and you have the obvious image, along with the idea that the reds are destroying everything, themselves included.

Jess D'Zerts

I've only just now discovered your blog, so my comment is a little late. After reading the first entry at the top of the page, I scrolled all the way to the bottom and started from there and headed upwards. Thus I saw the #2 version of this poster before the #1 version. I had no trouble at all interpreting it, and when I scrolled further up and found #1, it seemed much less dynamic to me. As for interpretation, I agree with what stephanie and Blueberry said above--the whole country is being destroyed by this administration, not just the blue of us. Love the W poster too!

blue girl

Thanks for visiting Jess D'Zerts -- (love the name) -- stop back often!

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