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res publica

Hah I love that picture. I know it's not cool for a liberal hipster to say so, but umm....Disney World is HELLAFUN. If you have enough money, that is. I would totally go to Disney World.

pop renaissance

just recently got back from disneyland for the honeymoon. i freakin' love that place.

res publica

Okay, time for totally twisted confessions: when I was a kid, I wanted to live there. It's so clean and orderly and consistent. I think there's something about that whole gestalt that speaks to the children of the 70s. Or maybe I'm just a freak.


Hold on just a second, Blue Girl. I'm hearing rumors that the head of TypeKey released a fundraising letter back in October claiming that he was "committed to helping deliver the poster design contest to Blue Girl."

This thing could go very deep.

Kevin Wolf

Glad ya won, Blue!

Now, about my check for voting #2 ......?


Mr. Blue - I feel your pain. :)


I like to think it was my decisive early vote for #2 that paved the way to victory.


So... ummm... What did, er, Mr. Blue, er, have know...suckle?

I think we're owed that, at least.

Suck --> Suckle. OK.

Buck --> Buckle? I don't think so.

Knuck --> Knuckle? Now we're just getting silly.

Truck --> Truckle? Not in my dictionary.

But tell me, O best belovéd: If we can both Suck and Suckle, can we also not both Fuck and Fuckle?

Ah! An answer this way comes! Roon Miver, by way of Twark Main!

Waiting 'round the bend
My Fuckleberry Hinn...

All right, then, I'll go to hell...

cali dem

Boy, this is getting weird fast...


Gettin' panked by BG? Doesn't sound like such a bad deal ...


I swear, I previewed twice; er ... that's:

Gettin' *spanked* by BG ...

The Heretik

Both are strong graphics. One just is stronger today. Congrats.


Yay! Glad you won, blue girl ... not that I have anything against your very talented husband (it was his idea, after all) but I was totally hoping you'd win the bet. Nice team work, btw.

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