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teh l4m3

I think it would be fine if Cheney, Bush, Gonzalez, Volokh, Chaz Johnson, the NRO Korner Kids, et al. stopped by Freedom Camp today for a little instructional moment...

None of these dipshits has the first clue about ethics or morality.

P.S. Res is totally right-on, natch.

res publica

Well thanks! I'm glad SOMEONE liked it. Over at Ezra Klein, all I got was a couple of remarks to the effect that I was being a simpleton. Maybe I am. I'm not making any fundamental philisophical claims about the ontological status of our moral intuitions, but I do think that most people, most of the time, know what they ought to do. And they should do that.

I dunno. Ezra Klein and the other weekend contributers over there are all great, but his readers are a little grindy for my tastes. The comments are distinctly unfunny.

Anyway, I hold you in such high esteem that your approval has kissed my booboo and made it all better! :)

pop renaissance

i WOULD read that, but after res' actions at the 3Bulls! party this past weekend, i'm staying a minimum of 20 feet from him at all times.


I know what you mean Res with the people who like to shine their own apples. I liked your post too.

blue girl

Res, on Sunday morning, even George Will said that an ethics class involving classified info and how it should be treated should last all of 2 seconds -- "Don't leak it, idiots."

Ok. He didn't say idiots -- but, his point was loud and clear.

It's just a sham -- they think it's going to help their "integrity" poll numbers.

What a joke -- if it does -- I'll be extra ashamed of this country.

I've only been to Ezra's blog once or twice -- you know even Arianna quotes Ezra -- so things must be taken *very seriously* over there...

Who needs them when you've got Teh commenting like "no you di-int!" -- (I don't even know how to spell di-int!

You come over to blue girl anytime -- you know I love ya.

res publica

Oh Pop. Pop, Pop, Pop. We don't want to start telling tales out of school, do we? I don't think we do. For all our sakes. The first rule of partying with AG and I is that you don't TALK about partying with AG and I.


So you kids can keep your parties on the DL, I'll blogwhore. Sometime tomorrow around noon EST, I am going to take a look inside what's going on in those ethics classes. Enquiring minds want to know.


Hiya. I'm new here :)

I just wanted to say that ethics classes aren't for the people taking them. They are for the public to know about. Why else publicize it? (Or leak it?)


OK, as promised, here it is!

I imagine what takes place in the mysterious White House ethics classes. And it ain't pretty!

cali dem

And, meanwhile headlines like this are always buried...

Rove caught cheating in ethics class!

Earl Bockenfeld

This week, we learned that the President is ordering his staff to take a ‘refresher course’ in ethics.

I don't understand this sentence. I don't know where it says that any of these clowns have ever had an ethics class to begin with. So how could the writer assume that anything now would be a "refresher" course.

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