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The Viscount

You should have put on some Genesis, maybe "Selling England by The Pound..."

Good post BG.

Kevin Wolf

Didn't realize I'd be joining you on your trip - that's what it felt like to read this great post. And I remember Joanne Worley, which just makes it more vivid (if more scary).


"I don't want to know it!"

If ever there was a danger to be on the lookout for, this is it. I do not expect that this was a genuine expression of willful ignorance, but given the manifestation of such in the world today, and in the spirit of warnings for the road ... well, just keep an eye out for the slippery slope.


Not only did you make good time, it looks like you made good use of the time in the car in more ways than one.

P.S. Are you and your husband still married after that drive? :)


Oh that drive sounds like every drive where I've had to ride for almost 40 years.

I *hate* trucks.

Lance Mannion

I think your husband and son should buy you a train ticket back home as an early Christmas/Hanukah present.

And I also think you should stop being so insecure about your writing.

And finally I think that I will never, ever, ever get in a car with you.

blue girl

Hi Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving.

jahf: Don't worry -- he's just a teenager -- he lives in opposite land right now... Black! White! Up! Down! He's definitely going to change the world some day...

blue girl

..and Mannion -- what are you? Yella?

cali dem

Stop! You're warping me!

I like blue kid in a red state stuck in a car on a long road trip with mom & dad.


Great post..I am in Cleveland too, with a 14 yr old son- I loved the conversation above- seems kind of familiar in many ways...come over to,
I have some thanksgiving tales that you would enjoy too...Hope your turkey was wonderful....


Nah, liquid nitrogen won't explode- nitrogen gas is almost totally inert.

It will, however, freeze you rock solid in second- one of those "show off at the science musem" stunts.

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