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Neil Shakespeare

LOL! Wonderful stuff in 'Annie Hall'. I miss the 'Old Allen'. I hear his new movie's supposed to be the best he's done in years. 'Match Point' I think it's called. Be fun to hear the old genius patter again like he did in his young days.


I love Annie Hall too. I'm not at all surprised you like it, too. It's very blue-girlish.


My favorite part of the movie is when Annie mis-pronounces Van Gogh.

cali dem

It's my all time favorite film too!

I've watched it more than any other film and may be inspired to watch again because of your post.

I used to utilize a clip from "Annie Hall" when I taught at a university. Great fun!

Did you catch the "Annie Hall" influence in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?"

blue girl

Cali, how funny that you bring that up. I, much like Alvy Singer, must see a movie from beginning to end. Can't start watching it two minutes in -- it's ruined for me. (One consequence of seeing "Annie Hall" at an impressionable age for the first time, I'm sure.)

Anyway -- my friend called as we were putting in the movie -- and although I only missed 10 minutes of it -- I was ruined for the rest of the movie. All I kept thinking about was Alvy and how he would never tolerate such a thing!

I need to re-watch -- yes, from beginning to end -- and I'll look for the "Annie Hall" Influence.

Also -- what do you think was the WORST Annie Hall rip-off ever?

cali dem

Man, BG, you ask tough questions. Annie Hall rip off...

I don't think I have an answer for that. I can't imagine any sane person thinking they could completely emulate that film.

I just re-watched High Fidelity the other night and that film certainly had some influences. Which, because I tend to find Cussack annoying, I didn't like at first (his talking in character to the camera) but got used to as the film rolled along. Jack Black MADE that film. Also the actress who played "Laura." She was sort of Annie Hallesque.

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