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green libertarian

Merry Christmas, blue girl, Bond blue girl.

Peace, love and justice to all.


"May you never mix your metaphors in the new year."

Can I dangle my participles?


May your loved ones
be gathered around you,
May your friends find
their way to your door.
May the spirit of Christmas
and Heaven's own joy
be with you forever more.


Mixed metaphors - they're like PUNCH!
And I second your wish for a more peaceful (and more sensible) year to come - I feel as if I've been living inside the head of a Cyclops for the last few - I want 3-D!

daily lurker

out of the closet- X it's blinding out here- da blessings to you and all yr kind


Happy jesus day to everyone in jesusland. . .


Adult diaper porn? I don't know I scanned 6 pages and didn't find you, but I found something called adult diaper porn. I would go look but when I look at porn on line I tend to get nasty little diseases - who'd a thunk, VD's from porn.

blue girl

DuWayne: I know -- I don't know how they get to me!! When they are searching for -- get this ANIMATED porn! Cartoon porn!! I guess there's some sort of anime porn called "blue girl." -- Anyway -- I get a lot of it and it cracks me up! I'm too lazy to go beyond 6 screen pages though!

Adult diaper porn? That is nuts.

People are nuts. I swear to God!


Nah, not nuts. We used to have an ash tray with a cartoon inside it (yeah, I think it was a 50s thing). The caption was "People are no damned good."

Happy Belated Christmas, BG!

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