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Kevin Wolf

I'm sure there are youngsters looking to replace Kurt and Hunter Thompson and all the others gone or soon to be. Are we encouraging them? Pointing them in the right direction?

God, I hope so.

blue girl

Hi Kevin, I hope so too.

I'm trying with my youngster.


Lance Mannion

Ah, Vonnegut! The only thing he's ever been wrong about is semicolons.

blue girl

I've been invited to his house for New Year's Eve.

I'm tellin' him you said that...

Lance Mannion

Tell him I thought Slapstick was a little weak, too.

blue girl

How do you know he wasn't kidding?


O - BG - that's kewl!
However, regarding the dreaded semis, I was advised to use them on an early paper, and at a school KV knows quite well (it's in Hyde Park). Improved the body, but I went overboard on "Cf." in the footnotes, a source of great amusement and some mystification on the part of the readers, who still gave me honors. Good thing it was early on; apparatus can kill you.
Convey to KV, if you can (and I have no doubts about your abilities), that he is more valued than ever, and that some of us envy his splendid Twainian head.

blue girl

grisha, don't worry -- as we are toasting the new year, I will definitely relay your message of how we envy his Twainian head and also how *others* perceive his weaknesses.

I'll bet he has a good comeback.


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