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I totally bow to your powers, BG.


BlueGirl...loved your post! Just last night on TV we watched the Disney chefs create their Christmas villages. One had a Polynesian theme, one an African theme. I was so inspired to make one myself. Although I'm artistic, I woke up this morning and realized that I'd temporarily lost my mind! I'll just sit back and wait to enjoy your confectionary creation! :)


This is too funny not to comment on.

res publica

I'm on my way to your house. To kill you.

Really, though, this made me laugh so hard I cried.

Chrys, I saw that Disney Christmas thing on the Food Network last night as well. Nothing says subtle and understated like Christmas at Disney World.

res publica

And SKIING IS FOR CRAZY PEOPLE!! What a retarded sport.

res publica

Did I mention how hard I love your angry gingerbread man graphic? That could not be better.

blue girl

You can steal it and put it on your blog -- Grisha and Troy -- you guys, too -- it'll be the "icon/logo" of the Holiday 2005 Bake-Off!


I'm totally going to need to get on the ball with baking next week...

Pinko Punko

The gingerbread chairlift can only be trumped by gingerbread fireworks. Looks like BG is throwing the smack DOWN. We'll see BG, we'll see. I doubt the provenance of this little village.

What would be more awesome is if the little gingerbread people had little gingerbread skeletons in their closets. Can you do psychological stuff in gingerbread?

res publica

OMG @ gingerbread skeletons in their little candy closets. Or what about little gay gingerbread men afraid to come out of their closets, ditch their gingerbread girlfriends, and hook it up with hot gingerbread leather-daddies dressed up in black licorice leather-gear at the gingerbread gay bar just across the candycane train tracks? That would be AWESOME!

blue girl

First of all, I love you guys.

Second of all Pinko -- what do you mean -- You "doubt the provenance of this little village."

tsk. tsk. Ye of little faith in this special bake-off time of our lives.

This is actually "Gingerbread Village Flambe!!" -- When I set it aflame -- I shall post the photos for your viewing pleasure!

Pinko Punko

I would love to see little Rome of the Gingerbread burn, as long as you have a little guy fiddling, of course while the homo gingerbreads are diddling.

res publica

No, no, think Mad Max. It will be an apocalypic nuclear gingerbread holocaust!


That's just absolutely fucking incredible - I am in total noggin-to-the-carpet awe!
I hope you use the very effective 151 when it feels the Blue Girl Wrath - and there should be some little sodomite thingy in there, too...a Tub Cottage or something.

res publica

HA! The Gingerbread Bathhouse!

Gregor Samsa

Extra kudos for making your own pans and oven from dirt and such. Makes the cookie very authentic.

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