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cali dem

Yikes! Ok, I have a plan to accept this tag (do you 'accept' them?)...but I will have to wait because I rolled out my new blog template today for New Year's and trying to add halosan has been a friggin nightmare. Every time I try to post something - all comments disappear. So, I'm having 'a cooling off period.'

BTW - You are a clever one, sista.

Lance Mannion

1. Goodbye Girl, and you get 46 million points if it's true and you can prove it.

blue girl

Cali: I noticed the blog change. You are one brave woman! I'm scared to do anything new to this blog -- scared I might screw somethin' up.

And Mannion -- how can I recoil from THAT challenge? 46 million points?

Must think of a way to prove it. And you know I will, being the competitive blogger that I am.



It will take me a minute - I am really busy and since you got me hooked on Ezra I have a couple of things to post about - well, only one is actually because of Ezra, or more to the point a gent who wants to argue about nationalised health care. As I'm here for debate I'm game - and I bloody well believe in nationalised health care - and not just because I haven't seen a doctor in a couple years adn am still paying for the last visit.

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