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Kevin Wolf

Just saw a Law & Order repeat where a couple of cops are in the men's room, one at the urinal. At least they didn't add the sound effect of a stream - but I know what you mean.

Remember 100 years ago, when "All In the Family" had the sound of a toilet flushing? That was a first and it was quaintly controversial.

blue girl

Hi Kevin -- I think the big "toilet flush" was so Archie! At least you made a connection with the character -- but, guys at a urinal -- why?

I can't believe I've started a discussion on this subject!!



Really now, it's totally appropriate.

The urinal is where big things happen.



Ha I agree on all of your points blue (True Romance = good movie, urinal scenes = kind of annoying and unnecessary) except for one. I never liked that scene between clarence and alabama. It makes me embarassed even when I'm watching it alone. ;)

blue girl

Why? Why *embarassed* ?


Are there more urinal scenes than stall scenes for woman? I am guessing the urinal scene is a more obvious choice since the whole urinal setting is more social than the stall scenario. I guess we have scenes where women are handing tp under the stall to the other woman, but in the urinal scenario you have man standing right next to man with no aluminum buffer. I'd never be able to pee...

You know this whole post made me think of Patricia Arquette doing a pee scene in Flirting With Disaster. I may be remembering wrong, but I even think they show wiping. Maybe this is a prerequisite for her to do a film... "are there any elimination scenes?"


I dunno blue. I guess I just don't find it realistic. also, I don't find the urinal situation to be a ver social one in real life.

Papa Bill

My parents used to tell me I was pissing my life away, so I tend to avoid a lot of socialization at urinals. Also, I've tried sooo hard not to be intimidating, but what can I say?

blue girl

Yes Papa Bill -- I've heard that women love you and men fear you!


I am going to let you all in on a bigger restroom secret. Bigger than the one I found out about women using only their feet to push down on the flush handle (yes I know this)

The urinal is the least social place in all the male universe. A guy will always go to the farthest urinal from another guy. Only when it is crowded will he stand next to another guy, and then it is eyes forward, mouth shut, pee, shake, zip.

K, now ya know.

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