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Adorable Girlfriend

I did not realize how much talent your husband had as well! What a talented family you are. I'm jealous.

Lance Mannion

Why am I now feeling like a serious artist?

blue girl

Mannion, I think there might be a serious artist in every man.


Earl Bockenfeld

Blue, that picture looks great! I would suggest you use it as part of your signature for your blog. Especially if you have a version with a lotta blue in it. A warning, I don't think I have a serious or even not-serious artist in me.

rameau's nephew

I think that what blue guy was trying to convey was:

"You believe that happiness is the same thing for everyone. What a strange vision! Your version assumes a certain romantic frame of mind which we don't have, a peculiar soul, a strange taste. You dress this weirdness up with the name virtue. You call it philosophy. But are virtue and philosophy made for everyone? Some are able to get them, and some can keep them. Imagine a wise and philosophical universe. You'll concede it would be devilishly sad. So long live philosophy, long live the wisdom of Solomon. Drink good wine, gorge oneself on choice delicacies, roll around on beautiful women, lie on lovely soft beds. Other than that, the rest is nothing but vanity." - Diderot

rameau's nephew

or else he's a boob man.

Pinko Punko

I do have an "and you are??" story, but I need to remember it.

blue girl

Rameau's neph: That's hysterical! Thanks for that.

Hi PP!


Kevin Wolf

Thanks for the link, BG. I like that Roy piece. I'm afraid I've picked up very few skills in the way of computer graphics.

I'm steering clear of the other, "controversial" picture.

paige clowes

i have an art project where i have to replicate a painting by an other artist and do a presentation on the artist
i wold be very happy adn amazed if you could send my some info on your husbands paintings, how he was inspired, his art eqperiances and any other history on him that would help with my project

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