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Kevin Wolf

Thanks for the link to Chuckles. Looks like he's got a fun blog.

No thanks for the link to Atlas. ("Ass" for short.)


BG- I was awake at 3... you should have emailed. I actually thought of going to check out blogs, but thought it would be depressing to find nothing new... I ended up watching something on PBS followed by a portion of an old Wings episode, but saw that Little House on the Prarie was coming on after that and for some reason I did not want to doze during Wings and wake up hearing LHOTP... it seemed depressing.

Hope you sleep better this evening or if not, maybe Chuckles will have some good posts.
I'd stay away from Atlas... just remember, that blog is not about reveling in her!!! It's about saving the dignity of this country! Why else would you don a Superman costume???

Lance Mannion

I see you as more of a Marvel character than DC. In fact, I see you as Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat, from the X-men, so if you want to post a picture of yourself as Shadowcat this is one boy who'd surely appreciate it.


Yep, Atlas Shrugs, Katharine Harris- boobs are enough to draw in the right wing boys.

But us liberals are always looking for the words.

But we're not plariarists or polygamists, we're the one-partner types. We're keeping youto ourselves, so you want go gallivanting around with big wig DC types, like some bloggers.

Alright, I can share you with Lance Mannion, cuz he's such a masculine type.

blue girl

Thanks for that link Brian. Isn't Katharine Harris just really something? You're right...she and Atlas are indeed in a league of their own. They are *too* much.

Michael Bains

Tonya (exilednomore) can surprise ya sometimes, eh.


All of my Linkage.. .)

blue girl

MB, I like Tonya -- she's very enthusiastic! She cracks me up with her camera and blogging about Michael Bolton!


When I want to sleep, I think MSNBC would knock me out faster than a glass of warm milk! Wow, it's a true snoozer. Home Shopping Network works well, too!

Larry Jones

You need to cultivate some bloggin' buddies on the west coast. Some of us stay up past midnight, to provide middle-of-the-night blogging entertainment to those of the eastern persuasion.

Also, I was thinking maybe Catwoman.

Ken Houghton

Every time someone talks about cybersex, I think about the fifth post (Wellhung and Sweetheart) at

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