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Now that's a good post.

blue girl

Thanks J.

Lance Mannion

Nice post, Kurt Jr.


It's those often surprising, but very real and very human, interactions that arise out of mundane activities that we tend to miss (or avoid) when we become total "e-humans": recluses who print our postage from our home computer rather than venturing out to the post office, or only do our banking on-line rather than wait in line for teller service, or even shopping on-line for food and household goods and having it delivered by Fresh Direct. And there are so many other examples.

These little daily "annoyances" that come about when we step away from our computer screens serve to remind us how real and beneficial human interaction is, no matter how inconsequential.

Very uplifting and thought-provoking post, BG.

Kevin Wolf

You gotta love the song that's on or life's just not worth living. Love it.

This post makes me wish that I was more of a talker.


That is terrific stuff, BG.

You know, the one good thing that comes out of living in Dubyah's America is the instant camraderie you get with other people who can't believe what's going on.

Almost Canadian

Great post. I tnink I may have to option the rights so I can make a short film out of it. The whole thing was full of such great images

Michael Bains

You ARE good 'Girl!

Seriously, you remind me via quote and style how much I always enjoy reading Vonnegut.

And that I'm glad I'm a chatter. lol!

blue girl

God! You guys are the coolest!


BG-- I just love this post. I've read it a couple of times now. I can totally hear and see the whole thing. Thanks for sharing!


Girl, you make me humble. You go directly on the blogroll.

Kevin up there says, this post makes him wish he was more of a talker. I say, this post makes me wish I was more of a writer

Adorable Girlfriend

I love it. My six year old god son calls us "donkey people". He likes when his mommy votes for the donkey people, especially since her husband told him the "elephant people" were assholes. She was not pleased, but she couldn't yell at the man for speaking truth.


Loved it! Just loved it!

Doug K

Got here from the inimitable Lance's blog..

sweet story, thank you. I'm very sad too..

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thats simply one of the best post I ever seen, I really like it.

Collectors Stamps

"Monkey people"? what a terrible kid hahaha

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Your history is a little sad, but thanks for sharing.

blue girl

Your history is WAY sadder than mine, Rheumatoid Arthritis!

blue girl

Generic Viagra and Collectors Stamps are probably feeling sad that I've been ignoring them...

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