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It's so funny that you posted that. I was JUST thinking today how hilarious the dialogue from Seinfeld is ... how you can read a script or scene (or, in this case, a snippet) and get as good a laugh as if you were watching the show. I'm sure there is a word for that particular quality, but unfortunately I can't think of it at the moment.

blue girl

Hi Anita, I'll be googling for something and come across a Seinfeld site and I can sit and read the entire script. I seem to know most of them word by word -- they still just crack me up.

The Uncanny Canadian

That dialogue is too good. I love when you quote from Seinfeld or Woody Allen movies.

What would happen if I gave you ten bucks, Blue Girl? Oh right, I'd get a Deficit poster. I mean a Defifict poster :-)

blue girl

Gimme ten bucks and find out.

Larry Jones

Is that the episode where they lose their car in the parking garage? Not that it matters - every episode was hilarious.

I see that I am joining your fanbase a whole year late, but hey - glad I found your blog. Clever writing, cool artwork, AND you don't challenge my political beliefs. I'll be back!

Adorable Girlfriend

UC, what are you doing over here flirting with BG. I mean it's BG who can bake a mean cookie, but you don't want to get the wrath that Chuckie got for flirting, do you?

And where did all the Canadians suddenly come from?

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