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Larry Jones

Yikes! I guess I'm in trouble, since I used Decider in Chief myself on Monday. I didn't know I was stealing, though. I
must have internalized it and then just thought it was mine.
Also, I was insane on Monday, did I mention that?

Michael Bains

A worthy Award from a wonderful Awarderer!

errr... You Rule Blue GRRRL!

And, ain't ev'one insane on Mondays?



Hmmm. Maybe I should copyright my own private reference to messrs. bush and cheney, "Decider and Deciderer," before someone steals it from me....


Maybe I should copyright Blue Girl because I am sure I have said those two words in sequence before at some point in my life.

I am going to have to post more signs in DC and get photographic evidence to get on your wall of cool.


BG- Your post reminds me of a joke some famous stand up did in the 70's and of course now I can't remember who that stand-up was so I can't give proper credit so now maybe Chuck will claim it!!! Anyhow... the comedian said that he had heard that at any given time another person would be thinking the same thing as you and wouldn't it be great if you had that person's number so you could call them except if you did, you'd get a busy signal... ba-dum-bump! Okay... it works better when it's not typed out in a comments section...

Baby Gangsta

I love the phrase...

Wall Of Cool

I might steal that for another post!

...and being a Baby Gangsta and all, I'm not sure I've got to give you credit, Chuckles...whattya gonna do about it? Are you gonna mess with the Baby Gangsta?!


When I'm not such a busy, busy bitch myself with creating evil corporate propaganda, I really, really will send you a beautiful photo that I took myself for your Wall of Cool. Any preferences in terms of physical size or pixel resolution?

And the phrase I want to steal from you, because it is so totally perfect in context, is "Big Job." You will get attribution, however.

blue girl

Hey sfmike! Wow! That would be great. I love your photography~

And yes "Big Job" is quite fitting is so many circumstances. You can even say it right in an evil meeting and no one will be the wiser!

blue girl

Oh...I forgot about the size. As big as you can get at 72 dpi is good. We're just going to output everything here, but if I can get it larger, then I can size it down.

Thanks again!


I think Malkin is guilty of plagiarism with the website title. See this book by Howard Kurtz, published 1997.

(Worse, I have a copy in hardcover.)

blue girl

Hi Linkmeister...At least Kurtz's book title makes sense.

If you were going to start vlogging, or whatever it's called on your blog -- would you call it "Hot Air?"

She says "she making fun of herself." Well, that's ridiculous.

I really don't know why I care so much -- but it just *kills* me!!

Adorable Girlfriend

My latest love, speaking of Michelle, is One People Project who posted her home phone number and address. They laid it down nicely. And I appreciate knowing that she feels the way she does married to one of MY white Jews.


Admittedly, Hot Air is better than Michelle's original Web site concept, an immigration-dedicated site called Up Against the Wall, Sanchez.

The Fat Lady Sings

I had quite a few faux-paus myself when I started blogging. I never went around haranguing people about intellectual copywrite, though. This guy really needs to look before he leaps. I mean - there are people out there who are less than scrupulent regarding attributions; but Shakes Sis aint one of 'em. Ah well; everybody has a learning curve.

Glad to hear your 'Wall of Fame' is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see it upon completion. Cool beans, my dear. Really cool beans.

Pinko Punko

Obviously she is trying to bank on her "hot"ness, which is odd because she comes across as a stilted, animatronic mechannequin, and that stupid t-shirt company can't even put a shirt on her that looks like it fits her android body correctly.

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