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So many "BIG" words !!

ginormous !!
humungo !!
gargantuan !!

I'm feeling kinda overwhelmed ... alka seltzer, please.



I had never heard the word ginormous until this past November when a friend from Portsmouth, UK used it in an IM conversation with me. I thought it an odd (tho self explanatory) word so I did a bit of investigation on it. Seems it is slang that had it's first usage back in the 50's in the south of England.

Turns out the word keeps coming at me since. My daughter used it a couple weeks ago (she's 11) and she thought I was a bit nuts when I started grilling her on where she picked the word up. "I've ALWAYS used it, daddy" Right.

My favorite definition of the word is from the pseudodictionary folks: ginormous - Somewhere between gigantic and enormous. Especially handy when describing Jennifer Lopez's rear end.

blue girl

Anita -- glad you're back. And yes! I used a huge amount of ginormous words in this post!

Curtcon: I love made up words -- I'm into it ginormously.

Adorable Girlfriend

You could have bought me the basket. You know our Jewish UC would be all over that on Thursday night after the three stars are in the sky. He probably wouldn't even unwrap the things. Just shove whatever he could in his mouth. You have to love him for that.

Those kinds of warehouse places scare me. They justify the reason GWB is in office. Just look at those around you the next time you shop there. It will be very clear by their purchases and conversation. That makes me sad because they are good people who make bad voting and consumer decisions. If only there were a Weight Voters or CostGetaClue Warehouse for them to join...

Oh well, they are happy and who am I to ruin their shopping adventures? After all, organic is the way to go!

You get an award for serving 28!

Res Publica

Old El Paso? *shudder* Let El Presidente de la Republica de Perros send you a jar or two of something that's not just ketchup with onions in it.

Oh, and those little chocolate eggs with nestle's crunch crispies in them?


blue girl

First of all, why did my blog not remember me and I just had to fill in all the BS again?

Anyway -- I *know* they're goo -- I ate 9,000 of them yesterday.

Adorable Girlfriend

Why don't we sponsor a salsa and chips bake off, Res?

You scared you'll lose to BG again?


I'm with Res up there. "Old El Paso" salsa? "Pace", madam, "Pace!" The hot kind with the red cap!

(I just noticed they have different colored caps for different heat levels. I've only been buying Pace Picante Sauce since spring break of 1970 and I suddenly notice that?)


i wouldnt waste the cash on buying good salsa for my guests. i would spend it all on MEEEE!!

also, unless you actually live on a farm that produces food, you are excused for visiting the ginormous places in times of crisis

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