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Kevin Wolf

BG, you are the constant gardener!

Michael Bains

I'll be clickin' the "rebel.mp3" lnk, later. Those can't get thru my work's firewall.

But I had to comment, cuz I've never seen anyone threaten a plant with Warholization!

You ARE quite the Baby Gansta!


blue girl

KW: Did you listen to the "Listen Up" link? I know some people skip links....just making sure. Don't skip that one.

Michael Bains

BG, I think yer clock is fast. I KNOW you posted yours before I posted mine!

blue girl

I know MB! I don't know what's going on~

Michael Bains

Hate to hog the thread, but the first one was mine, somehow. I posted 'em both w/in 5 mins, and the difference showing is of an hour betweem 'em.

do do do
do do do
do do do... Twilight Zoney...

(Hi peony! You grow, girl!)

blue girl

Hog away, MB. Don't make no matter.

Check out the screensaver link in the post above.

Larry Jones

Jeez, you're like a stage mother, pushing the little thing so hard. Next I suppose there'll be dance lessons, beauty pageants, then auditions for commercials. I hear 1-800-FLORIST is looking for talent, but I say just let he BE HERSELF, or you'll find yourself paying for counseling...


Yep. She's obviously rebelling at the pressure you're putting on her to perform, and in front of a live internet audience, no less! Poor Peony.

The Fat Lady Sings

I dunno - I thought I saw a little more pink peeking through those buds. Seems to me she's getting ready to pop. But you will have to be patient. My guess is another 5 days yet. Chill out, mama - you're baby will shine - never fear!

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