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Kevin Wolf

I think I see a difference!

Larry Jones

I deny saying any of that. Certainly I could not have mixed up the words "then" and "than." But then, it's lucky I have imaginary friends, because it looks like your plant is more popular than me.

Happy Birthday - sorry I missed it. Are you old enough now?

The Fat Lady Sings

Hey - I got that Rolex watch one too! Pretty in Pink Peony and I have something in common! I've got an idea - do you think she'd like to come meet my peonies? They're very well behaved; really - and I know they'd like to make new friends. Come check them out at my place - then we can set up a play date!


sometimes i have to wonder which of my friends are imaginary, and which ones are just plain old nightmares! i joke, i joke ... (hopefully none my imaginary of my friends will find me here!!).

anyhoo, blue girl, i have to say, you have such an interesting salon of lovely and interesting folks here ... it's so nice to just pop in and see what's going on.

Michael Bains

Recently, my imaginary friends have been totally coolishly gangin' up on my nightmare friends. Thems some great guys, there, I'll tell ya.

This is a Salon, isn't it... That's so cool. lol

(Howdy, Peony girl. Lookin' good, kid! Seems the rain is workin' for You at any rate.)


Cor, can't believe I missed this one, I think you are mistaken in thinking everyone has imagineary friends. Sure, many of us idi, a few of us still do (some even have picnics with them and their child's). But most folks likely get over it when they get into adulthood - at least they laim.

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