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Larry Jones

She's young, she doesn't know about The Heartbreak. You can't teach her, either. She has to live through it and learn for herself. Foolish? Maybe, but I'm rooting with her.

How do I know of The Heartbreak? I'm a Twins/Vikings fan. The pain forces us out onto the lake with a boatload of Hamm's and hookers.


BG, best not to mention Jordan and The Shot over Craig Ehlo.

The Fat Lady Sings

Oh honey - you are absolutely the best! And don't be too hard on Miss Pretty in Pink Peony - she's got 'high hopes'; you might even say she's got 'high apple pie, in the sky hopes'. So any time your getting’ low, 'stead of lettin’ go - just remember that plant.....or something like that. And as for The Browns - well - you could always say 'Oops there goes another rubber tree plant'.


Boston Red Sox fan here living in the heart of Yankee territory. Look up pain in the dictionary and there is a picture of me as a small boy in 1967, a haunted college student in 1975, A F***in Bucky Dented individual in 1978, a young married (and crying) fool in 1986, 2003...puhleeese


I went to Yankee Stadium late last season and they are already looking at my cap and chanting ... 'two thousand ninty...two thosand ninty...two thousand ninty'

Red Sox Fan = 5% fan 95% scar tissue


oh my god, this is just so very sad. and i thought i was going to cry at the final episode of will and grace. but THIS is almost too much to bear. and curtcon, i never thought of you as a yankee fan. maybe you should visit the 'dark side' and ... "GO METS!" ... hmmmmm. just a suggestion.


oops, sooo sorry, curtcon, i completely misread your comment. completely. you are a RED SOX fan ... please accept my most sincere apologies ... really.


Anita..Anita...Anita...You do understand that rooting for the Yankees is kinda like rooting for Exxon.

It's not as tho the Red Sox (my beloved, my chaste..heheheh) led the way in making baseball a corporate event devoid of any sense of wonder and play.


btw...I fell in love with the Mets in 1969....Deja Vu...Red Sox 1967

I'll take you to Shea before they tear the place down if you like.

Just up the road:-) I'm harmless..Ask any Yankee fan.


hey, you're on curtcon ... although, my father was, and is, an old-time yankee fan (he's 85, so i guess you can't really hold that against him ... or me, right?); but i'm generally clueless when it comes to baseball ... i put up a relatively good front though - i know how to say 'go mets' ...


Kevin Wolf

I'm so glad I'm not very much into sports...

blue girl

Kevin, you've got it right. It's not worth it. It's not worth it to care so much. And not only because they make an insane amount of money just because they're good at playing games, for the love of Pete.

It's not worth The Heartbreak. It's not good to care so much.

Brando -- My husband yelled..."You forgot The Shot!"

Do other teams besides Cleveland have Loser Phrases attached to their Miserable Loser Histories like Cleveland does?

Michael Bains

"The Shot"


There's a sayin' in Cleveland sports talk radio: OIC

Only In Cleveland.

Pink Peony may be in for Heartbreak, but if next year is this year for a change, she'll be sharin' the same silly sports ecstacy as the rest of us here in C-Town.

Wouldn't it be nice... (though it does seem to soon for this team.)

Come on Cavs!!!

Grrrrreat post, BG! LOL! I love it.


I don't think any major sports city has the sheer combination of horrific losses and dry spells across multiple franchises that Cleveland does. Although if the Cavs manage to keep LeBron, that could change.

Kevin Wolf

BG, I wasn't aware of this Omar fixation.

We're all learning so much about you.

blue girl


I'm not the only one in Cleveland who has/had an Omar fixation. But, when I would go to the games, I could always tell he liked me best. And I'm sure he misses me, too.


Adorable Girlfriend

Go Yanks!

Decimate the Mets tonight.

Larry Jones

Blue Girl - I know for a fact that a lot of the times Omar tipped his hat in the general direction of the fans, he was looking right at you.


That was kinda funny, even though I hate sports.

Lance Mannion


Attitudes like that can get you thrown out of Boston, not to mention banned at all the very smartest bloggers' websites.

Michael Bains

Omar's playin' great ball in San Francisco while our best 3rd baseman plays an iffy short for the tribe.

Cheap$kate Dolan...

Res Publica

Aren't these meaningless comments fun?


I remember "The Drive" vividly, since our flight was held up on the tarmac (in Honolulu) so we could see it on the movie screens. If we'd taken off we'd have lost the broadcast signal.

Being a Dodgers fan, I sympathized with the Cleveland heartbreak while at the same time admiring Elway's skills.

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