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Michael Bains

Blue Girl in a Red State - an hour long Thursday night Hitcom!

Hhhmmm... Who plays whom?

Good luck!!!


what a lovely, lovely song ... thank you for making me smile this morning blue girl. your musical choices are superb.

Kevin Wolf

Thanks for the pix. You have more of a green thumb than you give yourself credit for.


BG, I had a killer headache coming into work this morning and this song has calmed my mind. Thanks! This is my favorite Cat Stevens song.

Adorable Girlfriend

Someone seems very proud of her gardening skills.


blue girl


Don't think this post is a *bragging* post -- believe me, they are dying slow deaths as I type this.

But, I AM so happy with my mailbox area, I could start skipping around the room.

I could start skipping, I say!


that's a nice set of photographs :)


well, i have to admit, your backyard IS quite enviable.

blue girl

Thanks, Anita. It's pretty peaceful back there. Except when the deer jump our fence and start eating all the hostas. Then, it gets crazy! With me running around swearing at them like a crazy lunatic!!


The Fat Lady Sings

Is that Astilbe I see peeking out next to your home? It’s rather too hot down here for Astilbe. Same thing goes for bleeding heart. I never thought I would miss having a shade garden - but there you go. I also miss my daffodils I had planted about 1000 bulbs in one part of my front yard. The display was amazing. Jonquils will grow down here - but some of my favorite daffodils demand a colder winter. Thanks for the pictures, my dear. I appreciate them so very much.

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