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Isn't that just a perfect parabel for our times? Piano Man (correct me if I'm wrong here):

- doesn't know you;

- doesn't know your views;

- has never been to your blog;

- has never talked politics with you.

Yet he knows, he just knows ('cause Rush said so) that you're an idiot, maybe even thinks ('cause Ann said so) that you're a godless traitor.

These past few years, we've seen deliberate efforts to poison the well of public discourse, to engage in campaigns to obfuscate and distort the truth, and to suppress voting. I rarely couch things in such terms, but let's call it like it is: such behavior is sinful, it accrues a karmic load that one day has to be dealt with.

Glad that's not me.........


Blue Girl, I like your blog, been skipping through it . . . I liked your post on that/which, always a horror, these obstacles waiting to trip us up, and the more you think about the correct usage, the more obscure the truth becomes . . . I also like Anne Lamott, though she is not really known in the UK, I saw her read in San Francisco on Valentine's Day 1995, I was going through a horrible break-up, and she cheered me up!

Lance Mannion

Ok, you just asked if you could buy one of his CDs. Which would make him money.

You told him you wanted to link to his music on your web page, which would potentially make him money.

Had you tipped him? Doesn't matter. You're a paying customer at the restaurant that employs him so the very fact that you were there was making him money.

And as an expression of his gratitude he insults you musically.

The song wasn't for you, it's his own theme song.

nmj, whenever you need to be cheered up, visit Blue Girl. She's good for that.

blue girl

Montysano, Everything you wrote was true. He just assumed things, I guess, because of my blog's name. I guess he's never met a Blue Girl he liked. I liked your line about accruing a karmic load.

nmj, I like your blog too. And I'm sorry about your sweet peas.

Mannion, I asked The Skimmer about the tip. Yes! We even tipped him!

Grrrr! We're such suckers!

I'm going to stop giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt. I swear I am. For some reason, I think we can all play in the same sandbox, when in reality what happens is I just get sand kicked in my face.

Republicans are big meanies!

Thanks for your nice comment. Even though I probably wouldn't cheer up the Piano Man at all. He has no heart, after all, to even know he's sad to begin with.


blue girl

...he insults you musically.

Yes! He insulted me musically!


Of all people!

If that's not Pshawable, I don't know what is.



i admire your clearheadedness, blue girl.

MY reaction to that incident (particularly if it had involved consumption of one or more martinis) would have been an intense desire to "rip the guys lungs out" and (again, particularly if i had had a few martinis in me) i KNOW i would have had to have been physically restrained from attempting to do so by someone with greater common sense (and brawn) than i.

Kevin Wolf

So much for finding common ground through music.

The guy can play piano but he's no artist.

Almost Canadian

I hate republican piano players.

Do you know why so many Republicans play the piano?

Because like the piano keys they see everything in black and white.

blue girl



"I'm going to stop giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt. I swear I am. Republicans are big meanies!"

Sorry, BG, I have to disagree with you there. Some of my best friends and relatives are (were) Republicans. They're not all "meanies". I had two parents who were living proof of that. Not a mean bone between them.

blue girl

Chrys, I know. I'm sure I'll continue my pattern of behavior and get walloped from time to time when I do run into a *real* Republican meanie.

The Republicans in my life would do anything for me.

So, I know.


papa Bill

I put my way through school being the "piano man" at clubs in New Haven and later in San Fran, but I was never tempted by the Dark side (the Right) of the force.
Want another take on The Bush admin., check my last post.

Adorable Girlfriend

BG, it's the stories like these that are the reason I double heart you. That and the fact that you tell your son to turn down his conservative rock 'n roll.

Can I just say, after I got my weekly Congressperson's e-mail on how he voted last week, I officially hate all of Washington! Not one, not even 1/2 of one of his votes counted for anything. And now they've got the FDA debating Plan B. Where's the debate over Viagra, you Newt jerks?! No linky love for ANY republicans this week!

Michael Bains

I hate - I mean it - hate that I give people the benefit of the doubt as much as I do.

You're absolute right on both counts BG. They don't deserve it, and I'm still gonna freakin' do it. {sighhh}

I would say you're too good for him, but the fact is that you can't be too good. Your follow-up on neuraljazz's comment hit it on the head. If we don't pass on our love sand respect for others and disdain for violence, we'll end up like AC's description of piano players and be very littel more than a part of the problem.

And, as a parent, of course you're a Ghost Buster too! lol


BG meets a thirty-percenter and survives!

what a total quobhag.

and thank goodness for that ghost, or he might have unleashed more of his 'wit' on the guests.


wow, someone seems to love the pronouns.

The Truffle

"I'm going to stop giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt. I swear I am. For some reason, I think we can all play in the same sandbox, when in reality what happens is I just get sand kicked in my face.

"Republicans are big meanies!"

I've given up on it, too. Thankfully, Piano Man seems to be in a minority these days among Americans.

Do you think that the 36 percenters realize everyone hates them?

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