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Michael Bains

Will this be an open-collar affair? Zee music suggests otherwise... Either way, the bouquet is tres magnifique, BG!

I can relate to the Have To Have It! I just overspent at - ahem - Bed Bath and Beyond!

At least I didn't buy the $100 chrome kitchen garbage can. (but dang! those are nice! {-; )

Kevin Wolf

I almost just bought some stuff for the home online - but bailed. Guess I didn't just Have To Have It.

BTW, I'm in the market for new bedsheets and a few sauce pans. I have no car and can't even get to the mall. Any suggestions? Overstock dot com didn't look all that great.

(As you can see, shopping is not my strong suit.)


If it makes you happy and doesn't break the bank who are you hurting? Conversely, we could fill a museum with junk that Lisa and I wanted at the time, so much so that the phrase "where are you going to put it?" strikes fear in both our hearts now.

blue girl

MB, You could go crazy at Bed, Bath & Beyond! It's expensive though -- don't you think?

Kevin, JC Penny's is good for sheets -- but, you could probably to to Target on-line and get decent sheets and pans all in one "trip."

Also -- just so you know, I *think* is Walmart. -- fyi.

Dean, It's not hurting anyone. It's just something my husband likes to point out every now and then. The old "Had to Have Its" down in the basement gathering dust. It's just a family joke that we amuse ourselves with.

You gotta have something to laugh at, right?


You gotta have something to laugh at, right?
as long as it's not each other =P

my mom's an expert at the 'have to have it' kinda thing. the sad part is that i think i'm catching the bug...


ps: that bucket looks rad!

blue girl long as it's not each other

Oh my God, aif, that's pretty much all we laugh at!

Thanks for the thumbs up on the rad bucket!



eventually, your basement will be very nicely furnished.

Adorable Girlfriend

Can I come to the dinner party? I could make some lovely eclair cake.

Michael Bains

mmmmmmm... eclair cake...

BBaB is WAY expensive, BG. Spent $30 on a Cephalon pot, which left me short for the more recreational stuff of the same name. Probably for the best, that...

Both my wives have called me a household items snob, and I'm not even THAT big into cooking. I don't know what the deal is. I did kinda find some balance though. I found a $9 midnight blue 4 pc utensil set at Big Lots on my lunch hour.

Whatever, huh. lol


I started doing that "Wait a minute...Perhaps you don't have to have it right this very instant..why don't you sleep on it and then decide?"

Next day I am too damn busy with other stuff so the "I have to have it" gets shelved with all the other "I have to have it's" that I never went back for.

I forget what most of them were now.


1 item out of a thousand has made its self usefull, that has been bought by you on the account of you "needed to have it."

But there is plenty more time for more useless items in this lifetime, or wait maybe it will become 2 out of 1,00 soon in the future, near or far.

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