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Okay, I'll brave the waters first. I like photo 2, casual Hilary - I think she's a lovely woman, but the top photo makes her look fake, rather like it's computer generated. Hope you win Blue Girl!


I choose the bottom. The top one makes her look like a caveman drag queen.


... no offense meant to either cavemen or drag queens...


Ummm.... I'm not sure I'm partial to either one.

Can I pick None Of The Above?

Oh, alright, if I had to I would go with the bottom one, because the top is so heavily 'commercial' that it nearly demands you notice how heavily adjusted and posed it is.

However, I think it's nearly a sure thing that the bottom one is just as intensely posed, made-up, and focus-grouped to project exactly that image of 'next-doorness'.


I'd go for the bottom pic, but then, I'm a sucker for a goofy grin.

Lance Mannion

Top one. No question.

Chad Lowe

I must confess that I saw her looking as she does in the top photo more often than I saw her in the other guise. For nostalgia's sake then, I pick the top photo.

blue girl

Ooooh. It's really hard for me *not* to make a few comments here. But I won't.

Dang it all.


I like Hilary best in "The Core," where she's not half as pretty as Aaron Eckhart, and neither one of them is as pretty as the fabulous drilling machine that takes us to the core of the earth.

I was totally going to vote for the bottom photo, but peer pressure in the form of Lance Mannion has changed my mind. I'm voting for Early Mariah Carey Hilary on the top.

Rob Lowe

I like both! I want both! My brother's such a loser for letting her get away!

Chad Lowe

Oh yeah, Rob? Well at least I didn't quit a hit TV show to stroke my own ego with another run of the mill lawyer series that tanked after what? Two episodes?

Rob Lowe

I'm sorry, Chad, I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy counting my money from this week's residuals check from the West Wing. What were you saying?

blue girl

Now, now boys. No fighting over here at blue girl's place. Or I'm going to have to come over and have a little talk with both of you.

....especially *you* Rob....

Oh, sorry Chad.

Chad Lowe

Rob! Rob! Rob! Everybody always likes Rob best!

Even Hillary!

Do you know what she used to cry out in bed?

"Sam! OH SAM!"

Rob Lowe

Chad, I'm sorry, man, I didn't know.

Chad Lowe

And mom always liked you best!


God Chad! You're still such a dope! I never did that. You're just making it up to make me look bad.

Get over it already!

Hi Rob...


She did so! She did so! Not only that she used to get up in the middle of the night when she thought I was asleep and watch St Elmos Fire and Hotel New Hampshire over and over!


Hilary, I've told you, I love Sheryl.


Rob, I love how you played the sax in St. Elmo's Fire...


Who's this Sheryl???!!

Bet "Sheryl" doesn't look as good as I do in that top photo...I was thinking of you Rob when I was posing for it.


blue girl

Maybe my blog will be featured on the E Channel!

There's total scoop in this comment thread!

Michael Bains


Who's Hillary Swank?

And who's Chad Lowe??? Ahh.. nevermind.



Top Photo (partially because there seems to be some freaky distortion in the bottom one).

Eric McClure

I vote for the bottom photo. The top photo is an advertisement that submerges her face into the gloss-finish world of cosmetics. It's like a photo of an athlete that focuses on the shoes they're wearing.

The bottom photo is more natural. With a smile, for God's sake... A SMILE!!

Larry Jones

My initial instinct is to go with the top shot, because, hey - it's glamour photography. The hair, the makeup, the pose, the lighting, the focus, the sultry look - it's all designed to push my libidinous buttons, and I do appreciate a well-crafted come-on.

But - just going by appearances, since she won't return my calls - she seems friendlier and more approachable in the blue jeans picture, so on reflection, and because I prefer to imagine that I have some small chance to participate in the come-on, I pick that Hilary. The lower Hilary. The bottom Hilary.

Oh, you know what I mean.


bottom photo, but only because the first one reminds me of the cover of atlas shrugged.


Hands down, the bottom one. I loathe plastic people pictures like the top one. Of course I am also rather partial to women with dreadlocks who don't shave their legs so my opinion on pop culture icons is probably not terribely relevant. I mean hell, my big gauge for whether a romance could work out is whether a woman panics at the idea of hiking, miles away from any bathrooms.


Basically this is a Playboy vs Hustler argument. Do you like your photographs of women to be airbrushed or showing them in a raw, more natural setting. I like photo 2 for the natural realism plus she's smiling. I like it when women smile.


The top photo is in a strange way more honest. The bottom photo isn't a real person. She and the photographer are trying to create the impression of a real person. Look at it closely and you'll see how phony her whole posture is.

So I vote for the top photo because it is what it is, a striking bit of advertising.


top, but only if she's on top.


she looks like Mr. Ed in both.

Katie Flora Wilkins

Bottom photo. It would be what I would realistically aspire to, except for the fact that I have very salt 'n pepper hair now, so I'm wearing it pixie. Otherwise the clothes and the 'tude would be me. Passed it by my husband (for a 2d vote), without any input from me, he chose #2. Of course his criteria is who would he take camping and motorcycling (I'll readily go on the former, particularly to the Smokies, the latter is still up for argument).


Bottom photo, because she looks human in that one.


I can't get past the curious placement of a cross adjacent to her nether regions in the second photo.


Bottom pic. I like the smile, and it's just more natural.

almost Canadian

I choose the top photo.Why? Because if you look really close you can see her nipple in the lower left corner. That means she’s naked. And a naked Hilary trumps a clothed Hilary any day.



AlmostCanuck, you made me change my vote.

As the MST3K guys pointed out in the movie I watched last night, naked is always better. Unless it's a non-corporeal alien and intelligent gorilla reprising a scene from Glengarry Glen Ross

Kevin Wolf

I admire her acting but find her completely unattractive. So, I'll go shallow and vote for the top photo where she doesn't look as much like herself.

Adorable Girlfriend

Enough with either picture. I will however take the second picture if she weren't arching her back with the boobie look.


You see silly blog commenters the pics are a sequence and they tell a story...k, here goes:

The bottom pic is Hillary as a fresh faced young Spokane girl gettin off the greyhound in some big city full of bright lights and neon dreams, let's call it "Los Angeles" then she hooks up with a famous blogger let's call him "Bobness" and soon plunges into a dark sordid world of heroin and blocked IP addresses and then, the top pic is the heavily made up and airbrushed Hillary as an expensive call girl photo...Famous Blogger Bobness has used up all his Google ad revenue on the better Chinese grades of smack and they are so broke so he pimps her out to rich conservative GOP bloggers and feels really bad about it but hey, it's just a story!

blue girl

a dark sordid world of heroin and blocked IP addresses


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