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Res Publica

But, I don't care, Mr. McCriticizer Pants.

Nice. Really nice.

While I was trying to type this comment, M made me get up and go into the other room because he HAD to show me something RIGHT NOW!!

That something was an email containing photographs of various fruits and vegetables malformed in ways that made them look like genitalia.

*sigh* What a guy.

Res Publica

Hey, how do you embed those little music players in your posts like that?

Michael Bains

3:13 Chills along my spine and arms! Utterly brilliant and, yes, quitely meaningful in my own life.

You're beautiful, Blue Girl! I wonder if we saw each at that ABACAB show... 'Twas my first real concert, and wow! but I felt like I was in heaven.

Glad those folks quieted down for ya. I'm guessin' the Skimmer could confirm that you're next to impossible to ignore.



Glad you're back.

I agree with listening to the entire album from start to finish. I think of so many songs I discovered on albums that were not going to get airplay and I would have missed them if I had only bought one. Of course I also bought a lot of dogs as well... Yes, I bought Peter Schilling... Arg!


Don't forget the LightShow, BG. The Lights!

I drove an hour and a half to see Genesis for the first time on that tour, and I was mostly into punk and new wave at the time.

Next time I had the chance, went to see them twice in a row, two nights apart. the second night was... a bit less intense; I figure it was because all my nerve endings were still overstimulated.

did ya see they are getting the BAND back together, maaannnnn? well, the three piece anyway. European tours next summer and America the year after, new music being left open. It had started as a possible five piece reunion (!) but Gabriel got squirrely (and Phil said that after watching the tribute band The Musical Box, the original members were terrified at having to remember all that stuff, especially The Lamb).

I've seen the Musical Box four times, and they're great, but it's kind of like methadone. It quiets the jones, but compare it to the real high? Piffle.

[Digression. I quite liked the first Asia single, it was a nice piece of power pop, but that seemed to be all they had. GTR? feh, I gave 'em a chance, but boy, they really were not much more than wankers. Hackett's solo stuff can be worth searching out, but my feeling is that each album needs a bit less filler -- like he can't quite round out a stellar album by himself. end digression]

One important note: talented as he is, check out Hackett's alter-ego on the live show, Daryl Stuermer. Guy's from Milwaukee, and totally rocks the fretboard. Check out his solo for "Firth of Fifth" on The Way We Walk DVD. Unbelievably, completely smokes the original. No question, and they even have the camera on him for a change. I always wished that when Phil left, they had brought Chester Thompson and Stuermer in as full time members.

But I even liked the album with the new singer, Calling All Stations, although my bud Zelmo says I'm the only one. It was a refershing break from the Phil-oriented pop.

Interestingly enough, we were at MGM Studios in Orlando last night (being breeders and all) and watched the big staged finale "Fantasmic". For all the overwrought drama and pyro, I just kept thingking, 'well, doesn't measure up to the average Genesis show'.

I wonder what a European vacation would cost?

blue girl

and Phil said that after watching the tribute band The Musical Box, the original members were terrified at having to remember all that stuff, especially The Lamb

Isn't that interesting! Them being terrified?

We have (had?) a Genesis tribute band in Cleveland called Fairweather. They were just great. Did it more Peter Gabriel style. Very theatrical. Masks, etc.

Did you see Peter Gabriel in that Genesis link? Look at him!

I remember being at all those Genesis concerts. Wanting to jump out of my skin, I was so enthralled and amazed. Amazed!! I wonder if one would have the same effect on me now? I have a tendence to say *yes* -- cuz last night when I was writing this post and remembered Dodo/Lurker, I downloaded it. And listened to it 12 times straight at full blast. Took me forever to get back to the post.

Genesis is really one of my favorite things in life.



Don't stop. Keep telling the philistines to shut up and listen. Keep pressing the importance of listening to the whole. If anyone can get the barbarians to pay attention, it's you.

Adorable Girlfriend

Welcome to the dark side of You Tube. AG ignores (and loves) Res: YT rocks!


Steve Hackett joined up with Steve Walsh, lead singer of Kansas (my absolute favoritest) for two songs on the “Please Don’t Touch” album,
“Narnia” and “Racing In A”. Simply brilliant!


BG, I really enjoy your music posts.

I liked "Heat of the Moment" and "Don't Cry" from Asia quite a bit. Very good singles. GTR's problem was they put the musical wankery ahead of the songs, although I remember liking "When the Heart Rules the Mind."


The Musical Box is a Toronto band that recreates early '70's Genesis shows, much like some bands do with Grateful Dead.

So far, they have three shows they do: From the Foxtrot Tour, from Selling england By The Pound, and the Lamb.

Yes, the whole Lamb, the way Genesis did it those few dozen times, before Gabriel departed. Masks, costumes, videos, even the flute! I can see why they were terrified.

The members of the Musical Box have been able to use some of Genesis own records to replicate the costumes, the backdrops, the masks, and the instruments. They use the same poses (the guitarist sits on a chair, like Hackett did) they have wigs, and the singer even uses some of the same mannerisms as Gabriel.

They even have a balding drummer who sings "More Fool Me"

When we saw them do the Foxtrot tour, they even wasted time with the instruments, boinking around with the pedals and guitar sounds; Gabriel reportedly developed his fantastical stories to fill time while the guitarists and techs wanked.

Reportedly, Collins and Hackett have sat in with TMB; Gabriel brought his daughter to show her what he used to do.

Ultimately, though, I think the format constrains TMB as much as it is interesting to see; I mean, what do they do now? and each time you see them, it's a predictable set.

embarrassing story for a Genesis fan: when I first got Trick Of The Tail, I taped it from a friend's copy, so I never had liner notes. For a very long time, I had thought that TOTT was Gabriel's last album.

Moogirl, there are some recent Hacket albums that are also worthwhile: Darktown in particular.

Pinko Punko

Does UC know that you love wank, BG??? I think he loves BG.



this is amazing. i've never been this passionate about any music.

this post makes me truly feel that i now live a sad, lonely, non-alcoholic life.

The Uncanny Canadian

Awesome post, BG. No, hella awesome post. I love that genesis song and I'm almost completely ignorant of the good music that genesis made, their latter-day suckiness having mentally scarred me. Los Endos has everything that made prog rock so great, the wanky guitar stuff that PP hates, super chromatic woodwind sweeps, and a sense of universal importance. How I love love love the wank. Thanks, BG!


UC, they hid their latter day love of the wank under the Phil Collins hit-grubbing

[small digressarona-If you read about their early days, they were steeped in pop music, especially Tony Banks, and always wanted to be pop stars. even now, in the interviews, he expresses that desire to hit the pop charts. Maybe he doesn't realize how bad pop music is. Maybe it's better in the UK. end digressomatic]

They even played with new directions in the prog sound with stuff like 'Mama' , 'Dodo/Lurker' and 'abacab'; but they kept those prog-wank-roots in things like 'driving The Last Spike' and 'Home By The Sea'

But they owe us big for 'Illegal Alien'. Huge.


btw, I love this thread.

thanks, BG


I don't know these songs as well as I should, apparently. I can remember some of the excitement, but I have always flitted off, missing greatness by a few seconds or more.
BG, I have emailed you twice. And will now try directly from your blog. So frustrating when things aren't working.

Res Publica

almostinfamous, throw alcoholism in the mix, it's a winning combination! Trust me, it's superfun.

The Viscount

Very nice.

I love "Squonk" and "Dance on a Voclano." I've always appreciated the way Genesis summed up the record on that one, weaving the themes of each tune in and out. Excellent version by Steve Hackett.

Thanks for posting this.

blue girl

Viscount, I thought of you while writing this post and listening to the songs over and over.


I'm sitting here -- really contemplating this issue in a serious manner. What is my favorite Genesis song?

I think I'd have to say ... drumroll, please ... "Squonk."

Even though I love Selling England By The Pound, Carpet Crawlers, Afterglow, Ripples, oh heck. So many.

TC, They do totally owe us for Illegal Aliens. What in the heck was that?

Reminds me of Phil doing his thing...

She seems to have an invisible touch -- a!

grasshopper, hopefully we'll figure all this out! Geez.

And I leave you all with this...

...They're moving in time to a heavy wooden door
where the needle's eye is winking, closing in on the poor.
The carpet crawlers heed their callers:

We've got to get in to get out
Oh, oh, oh, oh...
We've got to get in to get out
Oh, oh, oh, oh...
We've got to get in ...
to get out.



Mark Alan Effinger

Horror Movie...

Great, amazing, life-altering.

'81 -- Me in a trailer with one of my friends from high-school... right across from the Air Force base at which I was stationed...

I had just been exposed to the whole early 80's Jesus movement... and Genesis? Must be one of 'em.

So I grabbed my mono tape recorder, backed the microphone up to my roommate's radio, pushed "REC" while some BBC live broadcast of ABACAB and Genesis history blared all itchy and scratchy.

I biked 70 miles in the central California rain... returning with jelly legs to Phil belting out Dance on a Volcano... and I was forever changed.

This was the drumming of Bruford, the lyrics of Jon Anderson and the vocals of Peter Gabriel and Phil... yummy!

Whenever I need to get through a mental or physical challenge, I simply remember the 9:8 time of any given Genesis tune and I am able to move mountains.

Thanks for sharing -- and c-remembering.

Grace & Peace,
Mark Alan Effinger

Terry Christian

Who is the Lurker, you ask? One of the B-sides of that era gives us the answer: a nuclear "Submarine."

And "Los Endos" isn't *quite* a recap of the entire 'A Trick of the Tail' album, but rather three songs: "Dance on a Volcano," "Squonk," and the B-side "It's Yourself."

I just happened to stumble upon your blog and as a fellow Genesis fanatic had to offer my two shillings.

Mark Vane

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