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Pinko Punko


They are pretty hot.

1) Check out my smooth moves

2) Res package was the identical size, it merely shared a box with Midniter's. I can't believe I got deducted for that!

Poor Skimmer, almost cool, doesn't realize that spice choc is PUNK not WANK. WANK is what UC is sending you in his secret package. Nothing could be more wank.

I didn't really mean to burn your mouths. I just wanted to try something new. Boo hoo. And images not available at that!

Happy Holidays to BG and hangers on from PP and GC! We hope you liked everything!

Pinko Punko

OH CRAP. Do you thin kmy totlaly awesome SEVENS caused the package to go astray??????

Prepare to be thrown, USPS.

blue girl

The Skimmer was fine. It was the boys. They're teenagers and hate everyone and everything.


...Must investigate.

I've almost had it, I'm tellin' ya.

The Uncanny Canadian

Pinko Punko is right. Your bakeoff package will be rife with wank. Which is better than getting Chuckle's package, which is rife with wang.

Pinko Punko

Maybe I should have dressed the truffles in little black hooded sweatshirts and eyeliner. Then they would have been the BOMB.


blue girl

Maybe the photos are too big? They're still not showing up.


Ok. Give me some time here.


PP- I make my sevens the same way so she'll deduct from my score as well!!! HOWEVER... my little Mexican Wedding Cake-type cookie does not look like an albino turd! Mine looks like a little pillbox hat ala Jackie.

BG- You will need milk with mine as well and I am now guessing I didn't put in nearly enough! :( Just remember who has you down as their Fairy Blogmother... :)

As for shoulder dancing... my family is now asking that I stop!! I'm now hoping Santa brings me a "Best Of" The Gap Band for Christmas... I'm slipping into total wankery!!!


Very funny post.

BG, what does your family think about you having blogging friends?

blue girl

Ugh. Why are they now at the end? Why, Dear God, why?

Jennifer? What's going on with my Chakra? Do I need Chinese tea or something?!

I have to get back to work -- I'll fix it later. Play a little game while I'm gone. Which photo goes with what bakery description?

How fun.

Brando: They don't get it. And recently, they've *gotten it* even less.


BG- I think it's obvious what's happened to your blogging chakra! It's been smashed by Pinko's Truffles O' Death!

He is thwarting your ability to comment on any other entries!!! Next thing you know, all images will be gone and your blog will be streaming videos of emus shoulder dancing while eating Pinko's cookies.

You know... after reading Pinko's magnificent comments over at Tom W's... I was briefly thinking he was dreamie... but now I think he's a dreamu. He's evil and he must be stopped!


My cookies went in the mail to you this morning. They are guaranteed not to repulse Blue Kid and The Skimmer.

Lance Mannion

Boy, do I wish I was judging again this year!

I'm available, in case there needs to be a tie-breaker.

blue girl

There! The Blogging Gods have righted all that was wrong in the Wankosphere!

Thank you, Blogging Gods!


BG! Your bloggra is unsmashed!!! Did you pour some Chinese herbal tea on your keyboard?

Pinko Punko

So BG's themo is the Gap Band, UC's is Styx, Res' is crappy Seal- this is awesome- Jennifer needs a cheezmo them(u)e song now!


them(u)e! :)!!

blue girl

I have Jennifer's theme song all picked out. Don't you worry your little emu minds...

Adorable Girlfriend

Dear Blue Girl,

That was the funniest post evah. The fact that a teenager called Pinko Punko wank is priceless. Also, true and in the Sony crud way. Your kid can have anything from AG for the holidays he wants just for that.

As for Pinko's nasty comments, AG would like to note that poor contestanmanship should result in point deductions. Along with the fact it's a cookie bake-off. Truffles are not cookies. It's unacceptable the way he talks about others this close to the holidays. He's probably where your lovely son learned the word bastard.

BG, AG sent your cookies overnight today. They'll be on your doorstep in the morning. AG included sufganiyot (per Res' request andbecause she's Jewish) for you and your lovely family. Try to eat those first. AG worries about them not being eaten right away.

Pinko Punko

I hope those donuts aren't fried, my third-person friend. I seem to recall that rum balls are not baked, are they? What about 7 layer bar? I think I cannot WAIT for AG's Frosted Circus Animals and wads of cash to go down in FLAMES with the committee. What about "Your [sic] totally harshing my buzz" for the AG theme song. Everyone voted and "Renegade" by Styx is UC's.

Adorable Girlfriend

You know what's sad: people who get their self esteem from bake-offs.

Really sad.

Psychiatry deserving sad.

Even more sadder than those who lie to Annie Angel, unless they are one in the same.

BG, the cookie making was fun. AG is just excited for you and Blue Family to try them even if Blue Kid doesn't love them.


After reading about *wank in a box* and *wang in a box*, Grizzled felt this YouTube beauty might be fitting.


Okay BG... I don't know how to do links in the comments... :( Please adjust the above if you can.

My baking is better than my techno skills.

Neddie Jingo

Hey! Blue Willow!

You've got the same china as us! Blue Willow for a Blue Girl! Who'd-a thunk!

I've got some red roses
For a blue lady
Whose plates, when washing up, go clank!
And if they do the trick
I'll hurry back and pick
Blue Willow-patterned china, then I'll wank!

Pinko Punko

I'm sitting here in my wank tank top drinking a blue girl cocktail, natch, I'm thinking about mental white out for the third person wet blanket that ruins the internets. GC says that if her elegant palms happen to shape albino turd cookies, so be it, those are the delightful palms God gave her- they are either to make cookies or to create wank! Only one!

Adorable Girlfriend

Wank, wank, wank. That's about all that comes out of some people.

BG, you'll have to let us know when you get the package. UC had fun making your gift in addition to the cookies in the box.

Adorable Girlfriend

Things that should annoy BG:

People who cannot get it correct: It's Wite-Out. No, White Out.

Adorable Girlfriend

That's annoying because AG fixed the not to have a "t".

BG, does this blog hate the spelling corrections that AG is finally beginning to work on?!


Kevin Wolf

Just saying hello from the sidelines. Enjoying the show.


I gotta say, the kid should stop using "wanker". A wanker is someone who stands around jerking off while other folks do either S&M or sex in a public club. Delightful, no?

blue girl

A wanker is someone who stands around jerking off while other folks do either S&M or sex in a public club.

Oh, Good Lord.

Don't worry. The only time he uses it is when he's making fun of my music!

...or when he's talking about Pinko Punko

And he doesn't use it in that way, believe me.

But, I'll be sure to explain that it's not a word to be throwing around the way some people do.


Adorable Girlfriend

Blue Girl when it comes to Pinko there is one thing to know: he is academically dishonest. 9/10 th of what you read at 3B is either stolen from the spaghetti monster, i.e. emu or Before telling Blue Kid any slang, always check there first.

Pinko Punko

AG can eat it. She's rude and mean. And she smells like pastrami burps.

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