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Shakespeare's Sister

Shakes is no more evil incarnate than I am a do goody gum drop

Damn! My secret's out! :-)

Gryphons rule.

Larry Jones

Where would we be without these quizzes? And the code snippets? My God, the code snippets!


I was a Gryphon as well, but kept coming up as Tigger!

Kevin Wolf

So you're not a do goody gum drop, skipping around in a flowing white dress surrounded by magical ponies, sprinkling fairy dust hither and yon?

I'm crushed. And I soooo wanted a little fairy dust sprinkled in my martini.

blue girl

My God, the code snippets!


SS, Don't worry. I know you can be good AND evil and so can I. And I can turn on a dime!

J, I assume Tigger's not evil.

KW, I'll sprinkle some fairy dust in your martini, don't you worry about it.



BG, I got Hobbes, too. This was after I got Unicorn, which at first seemed great. I was a huge unicorn nerd at age 8. But the unicorns? WAY SQUARE. Maybe I was that square at 8, but god help me if I'm like that now!


Blue Girl, fret not: I'm also Hobbes, and dear god, I'm a freaking unicorn.


Pink Panther (cool!)

Pegasus (lame! and not in a good way like teh l4m3)

As for people who complain about prepositions being left at the end of sentences, I like to deliver a two-word sentence to them with a dangling preposition. The preposition is "off" and the other word rhymes with "duck."

This is also why I can't work with telepathic people.

The Uncanny Canadian

Like Brando, I also came up as Pink Panther. Unlike 82% of you, this means the following:

"You're the Pink Panther. Suave and sophisticated, you enjoy your superiority and your natural grace. Though to some, this attitude makes you appear arrogant, most people are attracted by it rather than turned off. You especially enjoy being in the social spotlight. It just doesn't get any better than this."

AG would probably agree and bemoan the superiority complex and arrogance, but I think the quiz missed my true inner feline, which I would have preferred to be Hobbes. What is cooler than an imaginary tiger who pushes Calvin to new heights of mischief and wonder?

Oh, and I'm a frikking unicorn too. Is there a conspiracy here? Are we all destined to serve the mghty gryphon. As far as I can tell, the only funny thing a unicorn ever did was this:

billy pilgrim

Like UC, I am the Pink Panther. Good company.

But as a mythical beast, I am the PHOENIX! that r0xx0r!

"You're a phoenix. You can take anything from life and emerge none the worse for wear. Others admire you and are always chasing after you; whether or not you pay attention depends on your mood. Spontaneity is both a virtue and a vice in you. Your alignment is neutral, leaning slightly towards *good*."

Slightly toward good. That's about right; I average a bit more good than evil, but can go either way at a given time.

Also, to be noted per a Glue Birl, I Am A Statemen. Or have a statemen, or something. With the typos and teh Chomsky and the frrizznabbit, it's hard to tell.


I was Hobbes as well, which, while I do adore Hobbes in general, really doesn't seem to be me.
And then I got Pegasus. A flying horse.

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