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In a similar feat i recently took a 2-day getaway, which included a trip to my favorite bookstore in the entire world, and then spent a solid day reading in which I devoured a 350-page novel. It had been a long long time since I spent all day reading for fun.

That is a new years resolution I can get behind.

blue girl

Wow, mdhatter.

I think the Skimmer and I just might have to take a little weekend trip up to that gorgeous, gorgeous place! That looks like paradise!

You're lucky you got to go.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year's Blue Girly!

I grabbed my favorite Afghan this morning too, Mohammad Jones, and we cracked off AK-47s at geese flying overhead and swore at the neighbors and said a big Howdy Fuck to the New Year.

By the way, something on your blog really causes it to load slow and boggy, I'm on cable internet so it's not at my end.

blue girl

By the way, something on your blog really causes it to load slow and boggy

It's because all my thoughts are so heavy.



Let me tell you something: not all books are worth finishing. I read every book I picked up all the way to the end until _The Dispossessed_ by Ursula Le Guin. 75 pages from the end, I realized I *just didn't care*, so I never opened it to finish those 75 pages. But that still means that for the first 32 years of my life I finished every book I started, including text books.

Since that book broke me of the habit of finshing, I have often put a book down and never picked it up again. See, if I don't care, it's not worth my time.

Larry Jones

1.) I used to read obsessively every word of every book I started, even if I didn't like it (except required stuff in school, of course). Not sure how I got started with that, but I finally realized that life is too short.
2.) More power to you, BG, for keeping your resolution.
3.) What a beautiful love story!
4.) That bookstore: I love that they specifically exclude Rod McKuen. But I wonder if they have any Kahlil Gibran.
5.) There has been a little boggishness in the BG site for the past few weeks, but it's not too bad, and always worth the wait, and hey, Bob - that's what tabbed browsing is for.

Michael Bains

RAmen to

1) Tabbed Browsing
2) Heavy Thoughts
3) Finishing books you've bought
4) Not Finishing books regardless of whether you've bought, found, borrowed or stolen them!
5) "Openness and Slight Irregularities"
6) "If God had given us all of the children in the world to choose from, L., we would only have chosen you." Good Parenting!
7) A Successful 2007 for All!

Per the sluggishness: I've always noticed that your beautiful Blue Girl banner pic is the last thing to load. Perhaps the place it's hosted is congested. Not sure how that works, but hope it helps.

Happy January 2nd!

Kevin Wolf

I've heard nothing but good things about Trillin's book. Maybe I'll just stand in the bookstore and read it over lunch time.

I used to feel obligated to finish books I'd started until I made the mistake of asking myself why? Now, if I really can't get through one, I stop and move onto the next book.


Calvin Trillin is good.

I am a genius and that means I am always right.


Hey BG, I popped by here yesterday and saw the beginning of this post but knew I didn't have time to read it properly. Then Calvin Trillin was on Morning Edition today and I thought of you. This sounds like a beautiful book.

Also, about your resolution. I'm reading a book of essays about reading by Nick Hornby (his second collection culled from his column in the Believer mag). He keeps making the point that life is too short to read books you don't like. So I suggest you amend your resolution to only finish the books you really like, not just the ones you think you should read. (I love Hornby's writing about reading, btw.)

Happy new year!


Bossy has always thought that one of Calvin Trillin's best features was his love for Alice. Way before Alice passed away or became ill, Calvin would pepper her through his food reviews and essays in a way that always captivated Bossy because Alice oozed intelligence and wit and she was smart enough to marry someone who not only appreciated that but captured it perfectly in words.

The Fat Lady Sings

Over Christmas vacation the hubby and I finally got our library together. It had been sitting in boxes since we moved three years ago. The room we had designated for it needed renovating, you see; so rather than put all the books out just to take them down again – we waited to finish the room. Finally, over the weekend, every box got emptied – all of my science fiction and fantasy, philosophy, theatre, humor. I’d felt almost naked without them, you know. I love re-reading old favorites. It’s like having an extended conversation with a friend; you know what their opinion is – it’s the hearing of it that’s the joy.


I did not know Calvin Trillin had a book out - a big, big thank you to you! I read his piece in The New Yorker, and fell in love with Alice. I would love to have known her.

Best to you in the new year.

Jim Tourtelott

In the summer of 1988, a friend and I, who were summer associates at law firms in New York, rented the Trillins' house on Jane Street in the Village. One of the benefits of this--maybe in some ways the principal one--is that I got to spend an hour one afternoon with Alice, receiving instructions on how the security system worked and how to water the flowers in the roof garden.

I had read any number of the books in which Alice appeared, so it was something like taking tea with Elizabeth Bennett, except a lot more fun. Alice was in fact as lively, as funny, and as blunt as she was in print.

Some time after that summer, I was talking to Calvin Trillin--whom I never met in the flesh--on the phone, and he said to me, "Alice was impressed that you actually kept the flowers properly watered." I wear that sentence, as Fluellen wore his leek, for a memorable honor.

Gregor Samsa

Sounds like a great love story! And based on the picture Alice is pretty foxy for a blonde!!! *tamps pipe*

I enjoyed "Tepper Isn't Going Out" (the silly parking book).


look at you folks with the time to read.

i didnt even realize it was 3 days gone in 2007 already!


I think I've just discovered my favorite bookstore on Earth that I'll most likely never actually visit. How I wish I could attend the Dead of Winter Film Series.

BG - I loved this post & will buy & read this book. Thank you!

arse poetica

Blue Girl, nice post. I read Trillin's article about Alice in the New Yorker, and I couldn't put it down. I carried it from room to room. What I loved most, besides C's enduring love for A, was that for all Trillin's ability to bring an Alice to life, you could tell there was still more to this amazing person, the Alice, and that was theirs.

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