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Larry Jones

They called these truces during the Viet Nam adventure as well. The very fact that they are willing and able to do such a thing means that nobody is really "fighting mad," or fighting for anything extremely valuable to them. They are just... fighting. As if for sport. If it's that easy to stop for a holiday, why don't they just stop, period?

And now I have this bittersweet image of Blue Girl sitting on the couch late at night, maybe with a big bag of scammed Christmas cookies, watching sad movies. Does your favorite Afghan watch with you?


S and BK sound like they'd enjoy movie night at the ol' DASC household.


@Larry Jones:
it takes so much brainwashingreprogramming training to the people on the ground to get them to shoot at people.

that's why so many people in the army suffer from psychological issues.

almost Canadian

Great post.

I hate war. You would think we would have evolved past it by now.

Oh wait. I forgot who was our president.


Reminds me of reading "All Quiet On the Western Front"... yes, you'd think we'd have evolved beyond war, but we seem to be going backwards.

Wasn't WWI the turning point in warfare where they first used tanks just so there wouldn't be as much hand-to-hand combat? Depersonalize it if you will...

Kevin Wolf

I believe this was based on a real event, which has been dramatized a couple of times. There's Keith Gordon's movie A Mignight Clear, for instance.

If you want to follow up on movies about what war does to men, rent Kubrick's Paths of Glory, with Kirk Douglas. The final scene is devastating.

I think you'd also love the recent French movie A Very Long Engagement - unless you've already seen it?

Don't the guys ever watch "serious" movies?

billy pilgrim

"Death, destruction, disease, horror...that's what war is all about... that's what makes it a thing to be avoided.(It's become) so neat and painless (we've) had no reason to stop it...we can admit we're barbarians but we're not going to kill today."

A message worth hearing again.


Such a good post.

I was watching a documentary on Iwo Jima the other night, and the American vets were talking about how, on the one hand, they looked at the Japanese as less than human, but when they would capture them, they saw that they had families, were scared, and shared the same feelings as their enemies. One of the men talked about how odd it was to have to kill someone who you didn't know, who had never personally done anything to you. It was really touching.

Michael Bains

Beautiful, BG, and the comments as well.

I was supposed to see Babel last night, but got evacuated from my apt (a whole four blocks of us did! "Hostage Situation" said the cops) and just chilled at a local bar instead.

I wasn't really in the mood, and we ended up having an interestingly educational good time. 'Cept that I drank a wee bit too much. :)

Anyhow, the point was to proffer another flick for your future solo-viewing "pleasure".

That theme music is Beautiful! btw. Thanks for it as well.

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