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It's a deal! I'll take the Cookie Pope-mobile!

I can't get the line from The Jerk out of my head... "Things are going to start happening to me now!" :)

All in all, I'd say it was a smooth transition of power... BG gave me a lovely congratulatory phone call and did not trash any executive offices before my posse came in.

I look forward to working with everybody in this new term... I am a cookie uniter, not a divider. And in the next Bake-Off, I get to be a decider!!!


BG- I think we need sidebar medals!


Congratulations to all the winners!! I wish I could have eaten some of the cookies...

Adorable Girlfriend

I like the Cookie Pope-Mobil. Jennifer, can you take AG cruising in it sometime? I won't tell Pinko about it, I promise!

Pinko Punko

UC and I have decided to transfer an unknown percentage of our blog crushes from BG (pshaw!) to Jennifer (natch!). In the hopes of cookies and Celebrity Dream Cameos. Don't tell!


Wow!! Who knew the queendom would come with not only a vehicle and the man o' corn, but with percentages of blog crushes!

Am I the only one having issues with blog appearance/functioning today? I'm getting all sorts of odd page configurations, etc.

blue girl

Jennifer, don't trust Pinko Punko or The Uncanny Canadian when they speak of love. They lie. They are blogomizers and not to be trusted. They will make promise and after promise and then leave you crying in your meh.

I've had the same weird blog problems, but it seems like it's cleared up now.



...Remember! Don't trust them!

Pinko Punko

BG, Pinko has no authority to speak for UC. He hearts, double hearts BG in a way that he cannot Jennifer. Don't get me wrong -- he hearts Jennifer, but Blue. He has a je ne sais quoi for Blue!

Blue and all the judges, thank you for all your hard work this year! AG knows how hard it is to gather up scores and decide when all of the cookies are amazing. Espeically when you have two stoner judges (UC/PP) who eat 'em all and then cannot remember which they liked best!

Thanks again! You guys are teh best and AG loves y'all.


I took my Cookie Popemobile (CPM) out for a spin today... it was FABulous! I think it might need a little more customizing,however... plain white is a bit meh. I think it needs some red hots and some colored sugar.

The Uncanny Canadian

While it's true that I have massive blog crushes on both Blue Girl and Jennifer, the ony thing that tips the balance back and forth is the liklihood that one of them will feed me, preferably cookies, or candies in the shape of embryonic stem cell derivatives. The crush is not static, and is easily purchased. With food. There is a short-term defference to the Queen of the bakeoff thrown, but that will soon shift to whomever plans to bake in the future for my pie hole.


I can't wait for the "Embryonic Stem Cell Derivative Candy-Off... Yeah, I Said Embryonic!!!"

Adorable Girlfriend

Sorry, that Pinko Punko comment is AG's. (He used AG's computer).

blue girl

AG, I knew that was YOU! It totally sounded like you. There just wasn't a ton of meh in that comment to be PP.

UC, I will send you lime green edible playdoh with red hots anytime you want. You just say the word.

Jennifer, you *would* think the Pope Mobile would be a tad snazzier, wouldn't you? And I don't mean to say anything offensive here to the Catholics among us -- but, Catholic churches are so ornate and stuff. But, the Pope Mobile is is austere! What's *with* that?

AG & UC: Can one of you guys email me at:

I need to send you your prize! And also I need some other info...


I was thinking that was AG as well... I was starting to wonder if AG and PP weren't one in the same... one and the same? I was picturing Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin in All of Me.

BG- I bet the interior is totally tricked out! It was probably on an episode of "Pimp My Popemobile"!

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