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Adorable Girlfriend

You should totally do your own song list post sometime. You know, after September.

billy pilgrim

Zelmo-get this- HAS NO BLOG.

He's like a carnival geek, isn't he?

Oh, come on, they always save the big orgasmic light-and-sound overload for near the end. Never opened with Supper's Ready- the end of that is impossible to follow up.

Anyways, back to my blog: In a few moments, I've got a Super Sekrit Big Important Update That Proves Me Right!

billy pilgrim

See, I told you not to watch VH-1.

BTW, thanks for TOTALLY ignoring, blowing off, and dissing my Important Post On Live Music.

blue girl

I didn't totally blow it off. I just didn't comment on it.

So, I will now.

BP, that was a Fantastic Post On Live Music.


Kevin Wolf

I can't help it if my mind wonders and I feel I must tell you all things.

Does your mind really wonder or does it wander? I wonder this as I wander and therefore ask.

BTW, wwaaaaaaaaayyyy too much Genesis here today. I feel like I should be waving a match/lighter.

Pinko Punko

My scrolling finger broke.

blue girl

But, KW -- my mind does wonder. About this and about that. And I have to tell you all about it!


You guys, just let me indulge. It's my obsession. It won't last long.

Just till Sept. Or so.



wow power leveling

Nice girl,and blue:)


First, before I inject a tangent, this is a great post. I like it when you get proggy with it, BG.

I am all too familiar with this fight. I am a longtime Rush fan, and they have had a similar career path and schism between fans who want only 20-minute Randian dystopias in 11/4 time, and people like me who enjoy a good amount of the new stuff as well as the classics.

They have some embarassments in their catalog, but by far the worst is the song "Roll the Bones." It features a rap in the middle. It is even worse than it sounds. It is so bad that once while driving between Iowa and Chicago, the song came on my CD player, and I called my best friend and sang the rap into his voice mail, just to torture him.

We later went together to their 30th anniversary tour, where they followed the old/new model Billy mentions (which did please most of us). But they played Roll the Bones! Complete with the rapping! 30 years of music and they play that! It would be like Genesis breaking into "Groovy Kind of Love." Ack!

But there is something amazing about seeing a band that's been around that long and can pull songs from four decades. Even if you don't like all those songs, you're impressed by the longevity of it all.

Hope you have fun in Sepetember.

Almost Canadian

These guys are getting so old they should change their name to "Revelations".

billy pilgrim

BG, as aif said the last time we rambled on about the Genesis tour, it's about the passion.

I'm not apologetic about being passionate about music, or Genesis.

Passion is not a bad thing.

billy pilgrim


Gimmee the Rushy Love!

Rush was one of the first concerts I ever went to back in the Permanent Waves days. It was also the first concert I took the girl who eventually became Mrs. Pilgrim to; on the Moving Pictures tour.

So of course, when they got together after their hiatus, we had to go; also the 30th anniversary tour. Both shows were great, (and I kind of like "Roll The Bones" I figure it was the only way they'd let Lifeson sing).

Right on target about the longevity; and with Rush, they are having an obvious hoot doing it, even after all this time. That is special, and even Pinko has to admit it.

billy pilgrim

One of the coolest things about the Rush 30th anniv bash, is the slideshow of old photos they projectd from all the days, including such cringers as platform boots and capes; and the sideways haircuts, big shouldered jackets and womany glasses from the 80's.

It takes some stone yarbles to project twenty foot tall images of your fashion mistakes for twenty thousand people.


The band photo from 2112 is one of the worst band photos of all time. The kimonos! Neil Peart's handlebar mustache! Alex Lifeson's Kim Carnes hair! Even when I was a kid, I couldn't believe humans dressed like that unironically at one point.

All bands change over time. Even The Ramones tried their Phil Spector stuff and other variations on their sound. Very, very few can produce classics throughout their career. So when they go on tour, they have two options. They can go the Kiss route and acknowledge that they put out crap for 20 years after their heyday and won't play said crap. Or they can play new(er) stuff they like and hope the audience enjoys it. There's benefits to both approaches.

blue girl

BP & Brando, you guys reminded me of a Hall & Oates video I ran across awhile back. I know Hall & Oates aren't what you're talking about.

But, check out the clothes, the serious nature of their *acting* -- the concept, etc.

This is hysterical.

watch this video!

billy pilgrim

Brando, let's just hijack this thread and talk about Rush and proggy stuff. What can she do? Talk about Hall & Oates?

I always am sympathetic to bands who want to play the new stuff, rather than play that old stuff AGAIN. Think about doing the same thing for the rest of your career, over and over and over.

I think of the story of Wreckless Eric, playing some newer songs for a listless audience, stopping in the middle of a song and asking "Do you want to hear 'Whole Wide World?" When the audience broke into mad cheering, he responded plaintively "Are youever going to want to hear anything else?"

I think the exceptions can be a band like Blue Oyster Cult. Since almost all of their songs are obscure, not-hits, they can play anything they like from a back catalog and entertain themselves AND the crowd. I've seen them play almost entirely different sets, just a few months apart. The crowd is totally forgiving, and the band can pull out some real rarities.

blue girl

I could ban you both!

And don't think I wouldn't!

I would!

Not really.

Talk about Rush and Gettin' Proggy Wid It till the end of time -- I love it.

But, watch that video! It's the craziest thing I've ever seen -- something trying to be serious.


Holy guacamole! Blue Girl, that is a find! John Oates looks like Doug Henning's evil necromancy- practicing brother, and Daryl Hall looks like David St. Hubbins. And just when I think it can't get any better, Oates picks up the guitar! Well done.

Billy, I kind of agree on the new stuff stance, as long as the bands understand that people are often playing good money to hear the old stuff, too. The most ridiculous sets I've ever seen are Guided by Voices -- they would play for 3 hours, about 50 songs, and pull stuff out of every Robert Pollard side project and obscure release, as well as the "hits," all while downing copious quantities of booze. That was rock and roll.

blue girl

Brando, can you even begin to image them doing that music video? Weren't they DYING at how stupid it was? And that devil guy walking in?


You know who is THE WORST in concert when it comes to NOT playing the old stuff and only going off on these wild tangents of new cruddy stuff till it makes you want to cry?

Todd The Bod Rundgren.

billy pilgrim

BluGrrl, YOU Have to watch THIS video!

No! Wait! Watch this one!

Go ahead, ban me now I dare you! Do it!

billy pilgrim

OK, BG, now I want that three minutes back.

I felt like doing MST3K all over that video:

She's Gone No she's not! She just walked in front of you! Right in front of the guy in the bad devil costume!

"Hey, you. Stop throwing those cards all over! The devil guy has to clean up, you know!"

"Daryl. Do something, willya! You're not half of the group's name just to sit there with your Bowie hair, you twit."

And then he picks up the guitar like he's never held one before, and his jacket has those goofy ass floppy sleeves- "Look! It's Jimi Penguin!

I guess ya gotta remember how many drugs were floating around at that shoot. No wonder they had to shoot it sitting down.

"Look! There she goes again, you clown! If you weren't too stoned to get out of that chair, you could catch her!"

blue girl

I. Am. Crying.


blue girl

Oh my God. I just watched it again.


What is with that video? Is it real? If it's real, then why aren't I famous? I should be a major recording artist!

Those shoes! The hair! Those forlorn faces! That devil costume. That girl walking through.

So classic.

Gotta admit. *Love* the song "She's Gone."

Double, triple, quadruple *love* "Sara Smile.*

Such a great song.



Don't forget them throwing what appears to be Monopoly money when the devil walks by and they sing "I'd pay the devil to replace her."

And why does Oates have a coat with no hand openings? How does someone actually think of that on purpose?! That goes for the whole video.

The best is that Hall and Oates look like they know how stupid it is, but the lawyers for the label are off to the side, reminding them they're under contract to make this.

And the devil wins at the end. Does this mean H&O worship Satan? My brain is melting!

blue girl

Don't forget them throwing what appears to be Monopoly money when the devil walks by and they sing "I'd pay the devil to replace her."

I know! And the way the devil's kind of slunking in through the room after the girl? LOL!

Brando, your site will not let me comment. It's been that way for a few days! Don't think I'm ignoring you.

Happy Anniversary and great meme answers.

That slacker, BOSSY's trying to get out of it.

But, she won't!


That's weird about the commenting. I didn't change any of the settings. I'll take a look and see if anything looks changed.

BTW, I linked to that video. It is priceless in its utter lack of artistic value!

wow power leveling

i've no idea what to say
but i appreciate "blue girl"'s point.

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