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Larry Jones

I'm with you on this. Words alone don't get it, which is why there's music. And once you add music you get something greater than the sum of its parts, something that gets in through your ears and your skin and resides in your soul and transforms you on a level below conscious thought. See? Words don't get it.


There are still chords that can almost bring me to tears because of the memories they summon. The opening to Lennon's "Happy Christmas" does that for me, as does the bridge to "Radar Love," for entirely different reasons. No rational explanation, they were just the right song at the right time.

The Viscount

I don't have the words to write about music.


- Al


You have the words, but I can understand the overwhelming feeling of attempting to get EVERY LITTLE NUANCE AND WAY A SONG HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE down into one neat, little post.

Songs, artwork, nature, etc, have an effect on your DNA and therefore on the rest of your life and how you live your life. How easy is it to write about that?

But you do have the words. :)

Adorable Girlfriend

I get all choked up everytime I hear Debbie Gibson on the radio. I don't have the words to share what I feel, though...


I love this song, too, BG. It's simple and just lovely.

Although I couldn't choose a favorite Beatles tune if my life depended on it.

blue girl

Hi everyone.

Larry, I think your words above were great. And I *love* the lyrics of songs. Always have -- like some sort of otherworldly obsession. Like they unlock the meaning of life. And I love to stare at the words while I listen to the song. Some people just want to hear them. I want to hear them, see them -- all of it.

I know. I'm like a 16 year old.

And always will be.

Thanks Al and Jennifer, but I swear I can't put some thoughts into words...

AG, which Debbie Gibson song?

Claire! Isn't that the truth? Like you could EVER commit to saying such a thing?


It's too much to even contemplate.

I had a friend who asked me SEVEN YEARS AGO what my top five favorite movies of all time are. I couldn't answer that! I've been thinking about that and relisting them in my head ever since.



Sometimes, when I'm walking home from the CTA or something, I'll try and list a top five of something (movies, books, songs) and I always freak out. And it's just me thinking. And I still freak out and can't come up with a list. Isn't that silly?


You are most literate when you think you're not.
A lovely post.


Really nicely said, BG. Words can say so very much, but it's only with the addition of a relevant and appropriate soundtrack that they come close to saying what we really mean.

(And I do be believing AG was just teasing. {-; )

Adorable Girlfriend

MB, Thank you for saving AG's good name and bad humor!

blue girl

I knew you were kidding, AG. I was trying to be as serious as you were abou it.


I may be slow sometimes, but I haven't totally lost my fastball yet!


The double straight-faced joke maneuver! Very clever, BG.

There's just a special emotion that music sets off. It's like an electric current that turns on when I hear that song that gets me going. I think one of the reasons I'm often drawn to long rock songs is that they tend to build, and I spend the early part of the song looking forward to that crescendo, to that release. "And You and I" by Yes is a good example, or (for something completely different) "Coma" by Guns N Roses.

Great post. You definitely capture the feel of music when you write about it.

blue girl

Oh my God. I love "And You and I"

I haven't heard it in years! Must go download it now.

Brando, you are responsible for me going over my i-Tunes budget on a regular basis...are you aware of that?

Kevin Wolf

I hope to check out the new McCartney this weekend.

BG: What's your one all time favorite Genesis song? (Yes, I'm teasing. And giving you an opening since they are all you really want to talk about.)


BG, I am sorry, but there are worse things you could spend your money on (food, shelter).

If you want, you can shop myTunes by e-mail....


Poor Sir Paul. What with the icky ex and all.

Kathleen Maher

Sir Paul doesn't think he's poor, icky girlfriend or not. In a NEW YORKER article by John Colapinto, he's quoted as saying, "There was one guy who wrote 'Yesterday,' and I was him. One guy who wrote 'Let It Be,' 'Fool on the Hill,' 'Lady Madonna,'--and I was him too.
He's not bragging; he's amazed at the songs that came to him all those years ago, and remembering them, he is expressing incredible gratitude.


so are you still going to a garden party, BG?

Michael Bains

Well now, I suppose the problem is that I almost took her seriously because "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" ranks right up there with .. . ummm... well... any Barry Manilow classic, really.


Adorable Girlfriend

Hey, don't be dissing the Manilow. AG will not stand for such hate!

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