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"Mad Men... I race upstairs like a mad woman.."

Ah, Mad Woman... Bossy gets it!

(Bossy loves lurves loafs this show, which she has her neighbor tape since she doesn't... wait - she gets AMC... why is her neighbor taping the show? Oh, so they can watch it together commercial-free. You still call it "taping" when it's a DVD right? It *is* a DVD, right?

Oyvey, what was Bossy saying? Right - cool chow.
She means, "Show".

billy pilgrim

Ever hear of a wireless network?

blue girl

Bannee: I've spent all my money on the mansion. I have none left for this *wireless* thing that you speak of.

Bossy! I wish you would live blog with us.

billy pilgrim

Maybe Snag will ban me if I insult his moose....

Adorable Girlfriend

BP is not getting banned. We'll ban any of the rest of 'em, but not BP.

Almost Canadian

I want to like the show. I really do. I mean that was a golden age of advertising. But it's so over the top I just can't get into it. For advertising reality I'll stick with Darren Stevens and Larry Tate from "Bewitched".


that show gives me a bad taste in my mouth because it's all working men and their women! I know it's historical, but I am down on sexist work places!!!

blue girl

Kathleen, I'm so with you on that. I can hardly stand to watch it. Even though I keep watching it cuz of the live blogging. But, I can barely handle the show. They hit you over the head, over and over again with the sexism that I just want to scream.

Last night I was aggravated beyond belief.

Why am I choosing to spend my time being aggravated?

I'd love to hear why Bossy loves the show so much. It *is* beautiful to look at, though. But, that only goes so far.


I've spent all my money on the mansion. I have none left for this *wireless* thing that you speak of.

It will be much cheaper than the knee replacement you're going to need if you keep up this routine.

I would like to watch a video of the BG Mad Men live-blogging process even more than watching Ann Althouse drinking a box of California Coolers and calling Paula Abdul a cleavage-revealing whore.

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