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billy pilgrim

There's not enough of that.

blue girl

Isn't that photo something? I can't stop staring at it.

billy pilgrim

Yeah, but then I think about all the similar reunions that AREN'T going to happen -- and I start to become Mr. Furious. When I'm not weeping.


I just hope she gets to stay home. No going back.

I can't even think about the others that aren't coming back, ever...

Dan Leo

I really dislike President Bush.

patti digh

thanks for the hat tip to my post about the photo...since then, one of my readers learned that the mother was only home for a 2-week R&R and is on her way back to Iraq now. I can't imagine the leave-taking.


patti, I think that update broke my heart.
I am now absolutely sure that Bush is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country.

blue girl

Thanks for the update, Patti. I thought it was odd that she had only served seven months.

I'll add your update to the post.



That update makes me ill.


These are the reasons why "support our troops" platitudes slapped on the back of a car don't mean squat.

Almost Canadian

I'm with Dan Leo. Bush and company should be in jail. And the Democan'ts should just cut off funding to this fiasco.

Adorable Girlfriend

Very nice post.


if this photo doesn't make you want to impeach bush, nothing will.


Damn. Rough.

Thanks for posting the pic, the info, and highlighting this issue. More of the public needs to see this sort of thing.


This should be the symbol picture for this war, for all the mother's leaving their children and for all the children that left their moms and are never coming home....God, it says so much......It needs to end.....


I remember it was hard enough when my dad had to leave for six months during Gulf War I. I knew he was going to be relatively safe on a ship, and it was still very difficult. I can't imagine what these families are going through.

Kevin Wolf

Yes, I agree it's heartbreaking. And I agree with the comments about Bush above.

I'll try not to get angry and instead send good thoughts out to all families living through this.

Honest George, Lewiston, Idaho

My heart feels a little bit of the weight that is in Terri's heart - and I don't like it.


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Adorable Girlfriend

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