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It's funny, but I kinda like my art ... "arty." I didn't realize my preference for non-political sloganeering art was (specifically) because I'm conservative. I thought it was because I had good taste.

Johnny Pez

I guess my favorite explative would be "monsters".

blue girl

Carin, if you buy that painting up there, I'll write a whole post about what great taste you have!!

Remember! It's + Shipping!

And I was really hoping you'd add your favorite, most meaningful expletive to the sentence above...


You know, I need art, but since I'm currently in dog-crises mode. You'd know, of course, if you read my blog- which has lately turned into a my dog got hit by a car and is now no longer a pet, but an investment blog. Thus,I don't think I'll have the spare cash anytime in the forseeable future.

It is a loverly painting, though. I'm going for cheap-art at the moment. Meaning, taking photos and blowing them up.


Goodness, what a mess that comment was structurally. I will, of course, blame my sick dog.

Dan Leo

Doing my best to raise artistic and political discourse to the most exalted level, I submit the following expletive: heinyheads.

Kathleen Maher

Tell Skimmer I love the light.


My expletive:


Thanks, I feel better.


i believe my expletive of choice would be turdburglars.

nice job, The Skimmer. I thought that was OU when i first looked at it, but then realized that half the college towns in the US have something like that :-p

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