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you are hilarious BG. Love this post. It's so true!


BG- I must say, yesterday, while in the voting booth, I could not help it, there was a woman, running for President. I had to vote for her. There are things I don't care for about her, but there are traits I truly admire... and did I say, there's a woman running for President. A woman. And she stands a chance. We've come a long way, but we haven't gone far enough. Yes, I voted for her.

billy pilgrim

I've got a couple of weeks to wait yet.

But I want to vote for Clinton because of all the naked, visceral loathing that has been generated towards her by Limbaugh and the other shouting heads; anger and hatred that are undeserved for the simple act of holding differing political opinions and strategy, but such is the simple result of Newt Gingrich's playbook in the 90's. Hatred is how the Right motivated itself to dominance, and hatred of Clintons is Pavlovically burned into the lizard brain at this point.

And I refuse to let knee-jerk hatred plot our political course, and it needs to be demonstrated to the opposition.

I do think, however, that Hillary might be the only person eligible that may be more in danger of assassination than Obama.

Which is, I suppose, progress of a sort.


You know, now Coulter and Limbaugh are saying if McCain gets the nomination, they'll vote for Hillary because she's less liberal. I smell a rat... I smell 2.


I expect TBD to have an Oscar/Pulitzer/Lombardi Trophy by 35 or I will be profoundly disappointed. Golden Globes/National Book Awards/Stanley Cups may not be substituted, and a People's Choice will cause me to disown my child.

billy pilgrim

I can't wait to hear what Snag has to say on this one.


I expect my kid to have a police record by 35. Heck, by 15. It's all a question of setting achievable goals.

We had quite the Obama/Clinton discussion at work today, with me on the Obama side for reasons that for the most part don't bear repeating here.

One of them I struggle with, however, because it has less to do with Clinton and her policies than it does with who she is. That's the fact that I'm growing increasingly concerned by rise of political dynasties in this country. The Kennedys of course, the Bushes (God help us), and now the Clintons. It's also happening here in my own state, with children of former legislators now taking the "family" seat. I'm an old guy around these parts and I have never voted in a presidential election that hasn't had a Bush or Clinton has already been on the ticket as President or Vice-President.

On a lighter note, Matt Damon's mother, an early childhood education professor, was fundamentally opposed to any sort of violent games. Walking out of a screening of the first Bourne movie one of her friends was supposed to have said to her, "You see what happened because you wouldn't let him play with guns when he was little?"

billy pilgrim

Heh, Snag.

I've got a good friend whose parents wouldn't let him watch TV as a young boy.

So he went to the Library a lot, which they thought was great.

what he did at the Library, among other things, was research into chemistry so he could make explosives. An area outside his bedroom window was his test bed, scorched bare of shingles. eventually all the neighbor's mailboxes were vaporized, one attaining a height of a hundred feet before falling back to earth.


Kick Some Butt, Hillary!!!


"One of them I struggle with, however, because it has less to do with Clinton and her policies than it does with who she is. That's the fact that I'm growing increasingly concerned by rise of political dynasties in this country."

I'm still on the fence. Blue makes good points, but I feel the same way Snag does.

Is it right to write her off just because she's a Clinton? If she wasn't a Clinton would I be leaning more toward her?

Right now the U S of A is in some serious shit. We do need to come together even if it is a pipe dream.

I'm so confused.

billy pilgrim

I like the idea of going with Hillary, just to display to the Right that even when they pull out all the stops, go full goose bozo crazy on our candidate, we can STILL beat them when we want to (I actually saw a troll post on Sadly No 'they WILL kill again').

But then I reconsider- the risk is overwhelming if we don't -quite - have enough to overcome the hell they will put her through.

But then, they will do the same thing to Obama, and Clinton has been through it - they've dug up everything they already can on the Clintons, and it hasn't stopped them.

Obviously, the country is going through the same thing.

billy pilgrim

Incidentally, I figure Matt Damon's dad always wanted him to be a policeman or something like that.

Every time Matt comes home with an award or another starlet on his arm, Dad just shakes his head sadly....

blue girl

The Deathball League® Goes Goose Bozo Crazy.


The Deathball League® Is Goose Bozo Crazy.

I have no idea what that line could be used for or on, but it should be used somehow for or on something.


I have no idea what that line could be used for or on, but it should be used somehow for or on something.

Indiana Jones and the Bozo Crazy Deathball League®?


I wish we could lay this "dynasty" nonsense to rest once and for all. The Clintons are not a dynasty. There are three of them, if you count Chelsea, who I doubt has political ambitions (yet).

There are no other Rodhams or Clintons who have EVER held public office. No congresspeople, no governors, no mayors, not even any state legislators. I don't even think there's a dogcatcher in the family.

The Bushes ARE a dynasty (look up Bush dynasty in wikipedia), and the only reason there were two president Bushes is because Bush II stole the election from Al Gore. Remember?

Hillary is related to Bill by marriage, not by blood.

But if you insist - it damn well does take a Clinton to clean up after a Bush.

(Feel free to steal this, if you think it will help, whenever and wherever the dynasty BS comes up)


I will proudly cast my vote for Hillary on Feb 12, in MD.



I really won't mind voting for Hillary in November if she gets the Dem nomi. I still think she's too cluelessly devoted to American-style Capitalism to get that we are NOT the best we can be already in that regard. My biggest gripe on the topic is her apparent belief that we - the U.S. - has some kind of Right to determine policy in the Middle East. I Love the idea of Israel! Bill - my fave Prez since Ike - seemed to think that meant we should never hold 'em to cleaning up their Human Rights violatations. Hill seems to have the same type of attitude. "Torture ain't torture if it's done for the "right" reasons.

How's that any different from $hrub?

I don't - and here seems to be most folks' rub 'gainst 'Bama - exactly sure how Obama would arrange this differently, but I'm hoping (against hope?) that he'd really figure out a way to reassess the Tax system in this country to make Corporations less reliant/devoted to/addicted to their Market price.

{stretching} I know.

OK. This post has officially decided me on renting the 3 Bourne flicks. I been a waverin' but now am sold.



Oh! Oh! OH! I almost forgot!

If that's not enough reason to prefer BO over Hil, this endorsement oughtta get ya donning your smarmiest neo-conservative schoolgirl outfit whilst campaigning for Obama in the Republicanist neighborhoods you can find!

AC said she (he, it) will campaign for Clinton if McCain gets the 'Thug nominaton!

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