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And you never really do forget, do you? Did you ever fall asleep sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall, with your son asleep too, nestled against you?

Sure you did.


hold on and hold fast....a lovely post. thanks for the reminder to remember those sweet baby days....

Robert Bork

I am really looking forward to those memories.


Doh! I always forget to change my name back after I've done some alias tomfoolery.

Mickey Rourke

sweet and poignant.


What I love is how those memories come back, suddenly, when I'm least expecting them. And with them comes this sweet wash of warmth, like a toddler's kiss. Lovely post, BG. thanks.

Jenny (Surfer Kid's Mom)

As I was sifting through 12-15 yrs. of my daughter's
school achievements, pictures, writings, and keepsakes, making sure to find her perfect memories for the graduation scrapbook, your post was very present in my mind.
There was her shiny, smiling face at 4 yrs., her middle school years with braces and trying out make up, to her high school young beauty emerging.......
The words hold on to that, remember.... were literally stuck in my throat as the tears were flowing down my face.

Just an angel of a girl......reminds me of the Dixie
Chick's Song, "Wide Open Spaces"


Sweet. At the office today, I heard cooing and knew there was a baby around. He was fantastically chubby and barefoot because, as his mom told me, he likes to pull his socks off. My five-year-old used to do that. The memory made me smile.

Adorable Girlfriend

I think this one is the best.

I hold onto my friendship with BG!

blue girl

Aw, thanks, AG.

And Lucy, nothing cuter than the fat, pudgy feet!

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