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Adorable Girlfriend

Wow, thanks to Wren for that!

The 30% gap makes AG throw up in her mind.


McSame also did Bush's bidding, and almost scuttled Webb/Haegel (the new GI bill) , with his own McCheap version . His/Bush's version would have held vets hostage for 12 years, regardless of combat time, before getting the full benefit, and even then excluded some from going deep into debt . ( A Southern Strategy, of a different type)

Seems to have lost his mind since he started running . ??????

There's lots of info, and a petition for a message to McCain (among others) , at, if you're so inclined.


#@&%##!! TypePad!
Got the petition location wrong, took mention of it out, then posted the second part , then- nothing. Now both. BG, please delete first part . If I remember the petition site , I'll update.

blue girl

Seems to have lost his mind since he started running .

Really something the way he's changed to be able to run. Thing is, he's doing all of these about-faces, selling his soul and Republicans STILL don't like him all that much. I don't know how he lives with himself or sleeps at night.


I just read and wrote posts off of "Makes Me Sick." One at Liberty Street, the other at The American Patriot Institute.

My only quibble w/ your post is the use of the phrase "during peacetime"

It doesn't make any diff to us vets whether one served in a combat zone or not. When we signed up, we all might have been sent to a combat zone or other wise injured in the line of duty.

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