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Dan Leo

I love Dennis's writing. One of the rare voice's to call the Dems on their own brand of war-mongering. It's like I mentioned over at Tom Watson's joint, I just don't see the point of exchanging a quagmire in Iraq for an expansion of our quagmire in Afghanistan. I mean, are you really going to fight a secret international terrorist organization with armies? I'm still going to vote for the O-Man, but it will be the way I usually vote, for the one I hope will do less harm.


But Dan, would you wear a Dennis Perrin baseball cap??

Larry Jones

Must be tough to be Dennis Perrin, what with the effort to remain Above it All, and still be able to reach the snooze button.

Dan Leo

Jen, I never want to wear any sort of baseball cap.

In a pinch when I want to keep rain off my glasses I'll wear an old Dewar's cap I have.


maybe if you were a gay pittsburghian blogger as well... seriously.

i think that the major thrust(if you'll pardon the expression) is that one should be aware politically and make all choices in that sphere based on the actual character of people rather than the sacred cows that we make them up to be.

blue girl

aif, I really liked that first IOZ post. Cuz it's true. And it sort of, in an opposite way, explains the reason I posted this little thought. That it's a lot easier to defend an abstract "other" all the while attacking the imperfect people you know who are right in front of your face. (Who are a lot harder to defend, I know.)

I just figure if you'd ever get to know this unknown person you are constantly defending, you'd come to realize pretty quickly that they are full of s*** too.

Dennis Perrin


What on God's savage planet gives you the idea that I'm "above it all?" Sorry friend -- I'm stuck right in the middle of the shit with you.


finding comfort in despair is a pretty bad way to go about thinking politically... i had enough of that in the years 2004-05.

i now find comfort in disgust.

Dennis Perrin

Almost --

Trust me. I'm fully disgusted.

blue girl

I find comfort in good wine and loud music.

rotten mcdonald

Cheap wine and loud, sloppy music....

I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused:

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