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rotten mcdonald

The The did a hank williams tribute record called Hanky Panky that ended with Hank saying that quote.

Pretty snake.

I think you should have tried to chase the policeman. THAT would have been epic.

Oh, and don't go worshipping golden livestock.

blue girl

Is The The what you meant to write?

Me chasing the policeman *would* have been epic. But, I picture it in my rearview mirror. Or from the air, where a camera crew is filming it from a helicopter.

That road has a lot of curves and he and I were the only ones there at the moment. It was windy and there were red and gold leaves swirling around in the air and raining down from the trees.

A movie moment that never happened, starring me and the policeman. lol.

zombie rotten mcdonald

yes, The The. It's a real band, no typo. Are you some kind of spelling fascist?

The guitarist from the Smiths, Johnny Marr, was in the band for a while.


Reading books. Oh, the things we do for girls.


All the networks would have cut away to show you being chased by the police and we could have bragged to our friends how we knew that criminal.

indie in CA

What was the book?


Oooo! Nice snake .

BG & a horse/police chase? lol ( OJ was in a bronco:)

Re a previous horsey topic , Sorry Skimmer, I had a vision of BG driving te Obama stage coach all over oHIo:)

Long may you rein.
& reign too! :) ( & the horses'll like that better ;)

Posted by: Mike 13833 | October 30, 2008 at 03:50 PM

rain, rein, reign

to, too, two

right, write, wright

Give me a break. I'm visual not verbal!

Posted by: Skimmer | October 30, 2008 at 04:35 PM

Kathleen in Oakland

What book was he reading?

I saw a snake just like that while hiking in Maryland. It was eating a tiny tree frog. It was so cool and so icky at the same time.



You know that quarter was an attempt to buy his vote!! But, I hope your brother in law chose a Toby Keith tune.

neddie jingo

Obama gave me a quarter to give to my brother-in-law so that he could play the jukebox.

Clearly your unconscious recognition that Obama is a SOCIALIST!!!1!1!eleventy!

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