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I agree with Mr. Craggles. Screw em all!


And I thought McCain and Obama were both incumbents.....I woulda picked the spaghetti i think.

rotten mcdonald

no Mexican restaurants?

No wonder you're so uncool. No turtlenecks in Mexican restaurants!!


That's a great story. Thanks for the laugh!

Mike 13833

Yep. Walk in on a conversation, demand that two total strngers tell you the location of a restaurant that doesn't exist, and then be snippy about it . Yeah, screw him too lol

Reminds me of when I had Mr Scraggles job . A crabby guy , with Mass. plates came in ~ 10:30 pm.

Mr. Grumpy: " Is Binghamton this way? (pointing)

Me: Yes . About 6 miles. Where in Binhamton? This might not be the best route .

Grumpy Guy : Well, not actually Binghamton. - Watertown, but it's just past it, right?

Me:(looking to coworker for support)"

Grumpy Guy: Nooooooooo!!!?

Me :"No. It's about 4 hrs the other direction"

Grumpy Guy : "@#%*%#@!!~^&((!!!!!"

Me: ( Thinking ) "Geez dude! You'd rather I let you drive another 2 hrs the wrong way?"

Grumpy Guy then slammed the door and floored it out of the parking lot . (I didn't get the chance to tell him about a more direct route :)
I guessed that he took Rt12 south ,instead of north,
from the NYS ThruWay, and drove for 2+hrs, without checking the towns he went through against a map. :)

Btw, BG , I sent you that customizeable election video, thinking that you could have fun with some d.i.y. entertainment , not that you needed a reminder. :)


Anybody who's not thinking "screw 'em all" isn't thinking.

Kathleen in Oakland

I literally could not live with no Mexican food.

But you have lovely Fall colors over there!

indie in CA

I don't think I've ever lived in a town or city that didn't have at least two Mexican restaurants and a taqueria. Of course, I've always lived in California or Nevada (except for a very brief experience in Oklahoma City that is deeply repressed -- it was only a couple of months but it was hell.)


I'm buying Mr. Craggles a beer.

Rock ON.

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