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If history is any lesson, the Democrats in victory will get buyer's remorse and busy themselves with infighting while the Republicans unite to tear at Obama's flanks. I simply hope before then we can make some progress on reversing our nation's slide into penury and authoritarianism.

Larry Jones

Yikes! This is the first time I've seen Sue's comment. Here's what I think will happen:

President Obama will be up to his ass in alligators from Day One, primarily dealing with the current economic collapse, which we will not even see the bottom of for another year or so. The Republicans are aware that they've already lost this election, but they are still campaigning. Their campaign is now to discredit and de-legitimize Obama's presidency (OMG, massive voter fraud! Redistribution of wealth!), crippling him in his efforts as they did Bill Clinton. So that's one thing his supporters can get together on, instead of infighting.

In any case, the left is not looking for a daddy to take care of them a la George Bush or John McCain, and Obama is not that kind of person. He's likely to be the kind of president who will be listening to a lot of ideas and proposals, looking to select the best course, so there's another area where The People can do some good: Stay involved, write letters, get educated about world events, think not just outside the box, but outside ourselves.

I suspect the Republican base will not be uniting behind the winner, but doing their best to make him a loser. and this is the part I can't figure out: Has the divide widened to the point where there can no longer be any reconciliation? This happens periodically in history, and it leads to violent upheaval, and I don't just mean protest marches. I mean desperate actions by people who feel the government no longer serves their needs and the electoral process doesn't work for them.

Despite the economy and the wars and the general mess he will inherit, Obama's real challenge (and ours) will be to bring the factions together, to talk just a little bit longer.

So I say keep talking to your friend.


The right will do what the right does best. Lie, smear, attack and did I say lie? Ann Coulter will come out from under her rock. Rush will double up on his narcotic du jour and Hannity will stir up the nut jobs with hate, hate and more hate.

blue girl

Has the divide widened to the point where there can no longer be any reconciliation?

I know, I know, I know. I mean, I don't know. At all.

On one hand, all the crazy lunatics are not front and center anymore. Like Rove and Tom Delay and Bill Frist. JD Hayworth! Gah! (My eyes! My eyes! That that name is even on my blog) Santorum, etc.

But. They're. Still. Out. There. Somewhere.

But, that *machine* is not in full force the way it was a few years back.

But, what a rabid dog opposition party they are. I tend to agree with the Skimmer and wonder to what lengths they will go to *get* Obama knowing what they did to Clinton.

Remember how many people Clinton murdered?!?!

I cannot get my friend to make one iota of sense when I'm talking to him now. I don't know if he's doing it just to *get at me* but it doesn't seem like it. He was spouting every GOP talking point in the book and he was coming across as totally *believing* it.

After eight years of Bush, it totally scares me.

Larry Jones

These are dark times. Your friend is confused, but he may not be lost. Don't leave him behind, or drive him farther away. Let him see that there's another way. We'll never get anywhere if we objectify and vilify. We'll be just like them

Kathleen in Oakland

I cannot get my friend to make one iota of sense when I'm talking to him now.

As I've posted about before, my mom has bought into EVERY Hillary anti-Obama "fact" out there. When she was telling me about voting at the Dem Convention, she was talking about how the Maryland people didn't have any ballots, and so they were just gathering the votes on tiny torn slips of random paper.

I am 100% sure this story is true. However, a normal person would hear this story and think about the organizational issues of that type of voting, maybe wonder who was in charge the campaign or the DNC, think maybe the campaign was so focused on the big speech event that it dropped the ball on the ballots, etc.

My mom's response was - I am not kidding - "when you have so much suspicion out there already of a candidate having gamed the system and cheated in the primary, you would think he would make the extra effort to have the convention vote be pristinely above-board."

oooh-kay, mom.

Dan Leo

My goddam nickname is The Hater, but even I get depressed with these people who are so full of hate and fear. It's very hard to have a rational discussion with them, because their beliefs are based on a not very rational fear of the Other, which they of course do not think is irrational.

For many years now I've had a little game I play. It's the "Who would be a Nazi in 1930s Germany" game. You know, sometimes you meet someone, listen to them talk for a while, and then ask yourself, "Okay, we're living in 1938 in Germany. Would this guy (or woman) think that Hitler is an asshole or would he or she think Hitler is great? Would he or she be one of the thousands wildly cheering at the Nuremberg rallies? Would he or she join the party?"


My hope is that the people who are so crazy scared of Obama will relax once he's in office, but that's not really what happened with Clinton, was it?

They'll probably go a little crazy, convince that the media is lying to them about everything.


I just keep hoping it'll be like the day after the SATs when I told myself that I did the best I could (even if I was hungover when I took them) and now I just have to move on and put the unpleasant experience behind me.

I do think people will suffer from PTSD to some degree after this election. I've actually also worried about the safety of the winner. Hate that has lost it's direction often turns to violence....

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